About Peer1

#5 Peer1 Dedicated Hosting


Peer1's managed dedicated servers built upon state-of-the-art Sandy Bridge chipsets from Intel are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for performance, power, speed and reliability. Unprecedented flexibility, especially with Dell PowerEdge Pro Servers and Ultimate Servers, enables users to configure a dedicate server solution to meet exacting business needs. And features like Advanced Monitoring, live backups, external storage, Private Cloud and advanced networking allows users to create a customized infrastructure that delivers the unfailing end-user experience that drives your online business.

Other Details

All dedicated hosting solutions are supported by Peer1's in-house infrastructure experts who deploy, monitor, manage and troubleshoot every aspect of your hosting infrastructure from thr 10 Gbps FastFiber Network and 19 datacenters to your OS to the physical devices.

  • Flexible Storage Options
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Security Services
  • Business Class Email
  • RapidEdge CDN
  • PCI DSS Compliant Hosting
  • Bare Metal IaaS