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Geographic redundancy for 100% uptime is a major concern for all businesses, whether local or global. OVHCloud provides redundant data centers and applications in order to deliver maximum availability and continuity of service. By using dedicated servers in various data centers that colocate the services at the same location, OVH strictly meets the service level agreements.

OVHcloud provides dedicated servers both directly to customers and to partners. It helps with website hosting solutions designed for people who are passionate about their site and want reliable and attentive support.

OVHcloud is the perfect solution for larger-scale projects. It provides a wide range of dedicated servers in various configurations, virtual private servers, public cloud services, and colocation space, all with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

OVHcloud is a complete hosting solution for all your virtualization needs. It is characterized by its managed services and innovative products which are deployed on reliable and scalable infrastructure. OVHcloud offers indispensable services that meet your business development needs.

OVHcloud enables Managed Cloud Providers to offer businesses the benefit of flexible, scalable, virtualized resources and those businesses to choose the right products, services, and expertise that match their needs.

OVHcloud Locations

OVHcloud is a leading cloud technology company with a global presence across America, Europe, and Asia. The philosophy – What we find works, we make better – guides OVH to deliver innovative cloud services that empower organizations to achieve new levels of speed, flexibility, and control.

OVH is the world’s fastest-growing cloud company and the choice of more than 1,000,000 global customers. Customers in all markets including media, entertainment, financial services, public, and private sector benefit from OVH’s global interconnection platform.

OVH Partners

As a dedicated server partner, one will be able to sell the products OVH offers on the partner’s own website as well as through your customer-facing teams and/or external partners. One will gain access to pre-built proposals, configuration tools, and brochures. OVH has a dedicated customer service team that will help partners set up these dedicated servers and maintain direct contact with OVHcloud.

OVHcloud has helped thousands of customers achieve their IaaS/PaaS/SaaS solutions. OVHcloud Dedicated Servers are powered by the same high-performance and scalable technical platform as OVH Public Cloud, allowing customers to focus on what really matters: developing their own applications. A strong ecosystem is in place to serve customers’ needs, from trusted OVH Partners to tailor-made services from selected partners.

OVHcloud provides a wide range of dedicated servers with an array of performance options to satisfy even the most demanding applications. Partner with OVH to avail the economic benefits of our reliable and efficient infrastructure.

The OVHcloud Partner Program allows cloud and dedicated server partners to resell the OVHcloud service while profiting from the OVH brand and its reputation.

OVHcloud offers step-by-step tutorials explaining how partners can use OVH infrastructures to build their own hosting business. If you are a developer, OVH has a complete software kit for you. And if you are an expert in content management systems, but not so much in server provisioning and configuration, you can benefit from OVHcloud expertise.

Why you should partner with OVHcloud? We are the new generation hosting company, we innovate and help our partners to get the most out of our growing international cloud computing platform. Our affiliates programs were designed to motivate resellers/resellers/ISPs/Telecoms providers and value-added resellers around the world to develop their activities around our unique opportunity thanks to our expertise in the field of Cloud Computing.

Fully managed by OVHcloud Dedicated Servers

OVHcloud Dedicated Servers are fully managed by OVH Professionals, offering the best uptime and availability in the dedicated server industry. OVH’s team of support engineers delivers technical expertise and will ensure that you have a solution that is built to scale as your business continues to grow.

OVHcloud has hundreds of dedicated hosting servers from which to choose, including ARM servers suitable for containers, and one can combine these with multiple premium resources (CPUs, RAM, and SSD disks). When the client launches its virtual machine, OVH makes sure that it is available within 24 hours—and brings all of the benefits associated with high availability and geographical redundancy.

OVHcloud in the best dedicated server hosting provider. IT specializes in providing the highest level of service for your dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud infrastructure.

OVH Clients

From carriers and network operators, hosting providers, and enterprise IT to governments, universities, associations, and non-profit organizations – more than 20,000 organizations trust OVH for their hosting needs. Beginning with a growth-focused company in an emerging market such as France isn’t always easy, but it has proven to be a winning formula. OVH’s unique mix of agility, focus on customer service and resources ensure that OVH delivers services tailored to the specific needs of customers. Whether you’re looking for web hosting or dedicated servers – or if you need to be managed to host including cloud software platforms – OVH is your partner of choice.

Enterprise-grade hosting by OVH

OVHs Enterprise-grade SSDs have solid-state technology, increased IOPS, and are as much as 10 times more durable than traditional drives. Dedicated Servers

OVHcloud offers one of the largest selections of enterprise-grade dedicated servers in North America and Europe. During the hardware configuration process, more than 1,000 different configurations can be made available. Pricing ranges from $0.99 per hour to $60,000 for a High-Grade server, so chances are there is a plan that’s perfect for you.

OVH dedicated server solutions are custom built to suit your needs, ranging from small-scale servers to large-scale infrastructures!

OVHcloud – Cloud Platform

OVHcloud is a Cloud Platform that unites dedicated servers and cloud solutions on OVH’s Dedicated-Server-as-a-Service technology. Flexibility and security are guaranteed throughout the whole process, all while reducing the total cost of ownership thanks to the OVHs pay-as-you-go pricing scheme. All of these benefits, combined with 24/7 technical support, will help you make the cloud move forward.

OVHcloud offers large dedicated servers designed for demanding applications. Your data is replicated in 2 clusters for even greater resiliency, allowing you to focus all your resources on your business. Discover their fully managed dedicated servers, as well as all of our cloud solutions!

OVHcloud in the partner you need to ensure your IT architecture can keep up with high-growth businesses and emerging technologies

OVHcloud – A certified Microsoft Azure partner

OVHcloud is a certified Microsoft Azure partner and offers solutions powered by OVH’s unique technical skills and wide-ranging industry expertise. Working with OVHcloud, Microsoft, and Azure customers can benefit from the highest level of support across all levels from technical to account management.

Server management providers can offer a range of benefits to customers and provide a competitive edge over the self-managed option. They will be able to offload this work to the dedicated server provider, who is qualified and trained in the area, saving them time and stress.

OVH – Cisco Business Partner of the Year

OVH has been named a Cisco Business Partner of the Year. This award is given to those partners who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to excellence and innovation, and have made significant contributions toward driving Cisco’s business forward. OVH is proud to be able to offer our customers all the advantages of an advanced connectivity infrastructure with open standards.

OVH – A one-stop solution

Whether you have an online business, a programming or gaming studio, or an application that is used by your organization alone, you will be able to use dedicated servers from OVHcloud. Our catalog is designed to meet the needs of all types of customers, regardless of their areas of specialization. Our product range includes virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated server solutions, web hosting services, and cloud services.

OVHcloud provides enterprise-grade dedicated servers, enabled services, and flexible cloud solutions. OVH deploy products to the datacentres of the best provider, thus ensuring that our business customers get the best returns on their IT investments. Ovhcloud offers a wide range of dedicated servers tailored to small and medium enterprises and startups. OVHcloud provides its partners with top-quality servers across a wide range of technologies with the flexibility to choose, tailor, and configure. Thanks to its partnership with key cloud providers and own datacentres, Ovhcloud is a key player in Data Centre Services markets.’

Discover OVHcloud dedicated servers. From entry-level to high grade, OVHcloud has a dedicated server solution to meet your needs. Great performance and availability are backed with industry-leading customer support and reliability, as well as free and unlimited 24/7 monitoring by our specialists.

OVHcloud specializes in offering disaster recovery and high availability solutions for all virtual services and dedicated servers. Trying to set up disaster recovery and redundancy for your cloud instances may seem overwhelming and costly. OVH can help you save time with the expert team and a balanced service level agreement (SLA). OVHs Data Protection Manager includes data replication, automatic failover, automated recovery of your physical infrastructure, geo-spatial duplication of your environment, as well as cloud data distribution.

OVHcloud – A certified Google Partner

OVHcloud is a certified Google Partner that provides a range of cloud solutions like Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, CDN, and Colocation in order to support its partners while they grow their business.

OVHcloud is one of the largest virtualization providers in the world with 40 data centers across the globe. We provide dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and infrastructure solutions for many verticals including business, e-commerce, gaming, and media. OVH offers flexible solutions at competitive prices that address changing client needs. OVH can help you run your business efficiently and cost-effectively by offering custom configurations to meet your unique needs. OVHs team of experts is always available to assist the clients 24x7x365 without fail.

OVHcloud is dedicated to excellence in IT services. OVH develops and manage infrastructure, cloud, and web hosting solutions in order to ensure the best user experience and customer satisfaction. OVHcloud delivers dedicated servers based on OpenStack technology by OVH Data Center.

OVHcloud products and solutions are easy to use and help you get started with your cloud needs right away. OVHcloud provides high availability solutions and services certified to work in the event of an outage, so you can rely on stability and peace of mind for your business. We provide global customer support around the clock as well as partnerships with top-tier global technology providers to ensure that our clients-be communities or enterprises-have access to the expertise they need. Our dedicated customer success team helps you along at every step of the process, from launch to success. The flexibility we offer with OVHcloud Dedicated Servers guarantees your business a competitive edge over the competition.

A French company, OVH is one of the world’s leading providers of turnkey hosting solutions for businesses. It offers an extensive choice of IT services: server hosting (Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Colocation), web hosting (shared or dedicated servers), dedicated IP address management, and virtual private servers (VPS), along with software solutions such as Anti-DDoS protection, professional DNS service and DDOS protection services. OVH operates out of 140 locations in more than 80 countries. With 40,000 employees worldwide, it generated a turnover of EUR 2 billion in 2017 from its Cloud offer alone.

OVHcloud Dedicated Servers offers you a series of dedicated servers for any of your hosting needs. From a simple blog to a corporate server, OVH has a dedicated solution for you.

OVHcloud dedicated servers are the ideal, reliable solution to meet your business’s high-performance needs. The OVHcloud Dedicated Servers – Scale service is available in many different configurations and can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections.

The OVHcloud Dedicated Servers and Disaster Recovery services allow you to reliably host your most critical applications in multiple data centers. It’s the ideal solution when your business demands the highest service availability and resilience while reducing its cost of operation.

OVHcloud specializes in all things cloud – virtualization, dedicated servers, and disaster recovery. We partner with our clients to find the best solution for them. Our techs are passionate about what they do because work as a team to provide the most innovative IT solutions available.

OVHcloud provides on-demand, high-performance Dedicated Servers using industry-leading data center technologies from Cisco & VMware.

OVH Support

OVH’s Dedicated Servers are reliable and easy to use. Designed for simple, fast deployment of web applications, portals, storage for files, or other I/O intensive applications, it is the ideal solution for deploying your company’s infrastructure. By choosing OVH, you will be bringing your IT operations up to speed with the latest technology. OVH guarantees technical support via its Control Panel as well as by means of telephone, email, and remote connection during a service incident. In addition to physical access 24/7/365 with no lockout period thanks to its SKY Card that allows employees to gain physical access anywhere in the world, OVH also provides a control panel interface that allows you to connect remotely using the Internet. These two methods allow you to administer your company’s dedicated servers at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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