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InMotion hosting is the topmost and IT leading Web- hosting company, which is founded in the year of 2001.  They are regarded as web hosting experts, as they have 4 years of rich hosting experience.  In order to bring great innovation in the services, the company rigorously undergoes training programs for discovery of latest innovations.  The management team of InMotion has near around 10+ years of web hosting experience.   The main specialism of the company is- they are providing fast, reliable and affordable web hosting services to users.  

Additionally, they are providing 24/7 hours of services to their customers at reasonable and affordable cost. They are continuously checking and evaluating the performance status of their clients by maintaining and monitoring the desired hosting services to them. 


They are providing quality rating and standardized web-hosting services, which involves WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, website creator, and business hosting under fixed costing scheme. Due to their quality rating services they are regarded as the best hosting service provides at, , In addition to this, they are also regarded as best VPN hosting provides at . Moreover, they are also providing CMS (Content Management System) to the users through which users can develop and manage their websites. Therefore, they are also regarding as top WordPress Hosting provider on

Web hosting services of InMotion 

They are providing wider of web-hosting services such as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, website creator, and business hosting. 

Let’s discusses the main specification and costing plan of each web-hosting services provided by InMotion- 

WordPress Hosting

They are providing highly manageable platform for WordPress in order to deliver superior solutions in context of performance, security, reliability, and scalability. Moreover, they are providing highly flexible platform for the development of website through which users can write their blogs, reviews, and comments for the expansion of their business operations. They have adapted well structured and systematic approach for the management of WordPress hosting needs for 24*7 hrs. 

In order to provide better grade of WordPress hosting services, they systematically manage and control security, speed, and updates parameters

  1. For the sake of optimizing the speed of the WordPress account, they are providing Free SSD for storage, NGINX, PHP 7 and free CDN. 
  2. In order to manage the security of the designed website, they are providing standard security principles such as hack and malware protection policy and automatic backup and recovery plans. 
  3. In order to maintain the compatibility and to add new emerging feature in the existing web hosting platform they also manage updates with the use of automatic security patches and optional automatic updates feature. 
WordPress HostingCosting modelSuitability planStorage availability
WP-1000S2 years- $5.99/mo.Suitable for small blogs 40GB SSD Storage 
WP-2000S2 years- $7.99/mo. Suitable for small business and blogging 80GB SSD Storage 
WP-3000S2 years- $9.99/mo. Suitable for developers and for growing businesses 120GB SSD Storage 
WP-4000S1 year-$16.99/mo. For Flexible WordPress hosting 160GB SSD Storage 
WP-VPSStarting at $28.19/mo. Ideal for freelancers and resellers Unlimited 
WP-DEDICATED Starting at $105.69/mo. Best for heavy traffic and large sites Unlimited 

VPS Hosting

They are providing VPS (Virtual Private Servers) in order to scale-up and boost-up the business efficiency of IT Companies. Moreover, they are providing highly performant, lighting fast servers that are incorporated with high-level security features.  The VPS infrastructure provided by the organization is equipped with server management, WHM license and SSH keys, etc. 

VPS HostingCosting modelSuitability criteria
VPS Hosting Management $29.19/mo Hands-Off Server Management for ease of Use
Cloud VPS$21.04/mo. Raw Processing Power for Services and Scripts 

Dedicated Server Hosting 

InMotion provides dedicated servers which offer better performance and better storage.  The dedicated servers provided by the company will be owned by the client for the sake of sensitive and on-sensitive data storage.  They are providing dual-process Linux dedicated server hosting plans which offer greater range of scalability and flexibility. 

  1. They are freely managing the servers, as we not only install the operating systems security control patches but we proactively update the security-related risks too. 
  2. They are also providing fast secure and reliable dedicated servers which are employed with 20x fast hosting and DDoS protection scheme. 
Dedicated serversCosting modelStorage schemeTransfer rate
Essential $105.69/mo. 500GB SSD or ITB.7.2K HDD6TB Data transfer
Advanced $166.59/mo.500GB SSD or 2TB 7.2K HDD10TB Data Transfer 
Elite $238.99/mo. 2x500GB SSD or 2x2tb 7.2k HDD10TB Data transfer 
CC-500$340.99/mo. 2x500GB SSD15TB Data transfer 
CC-1000$414.49/mo. 2X1TB SSD15TB Data transfer 
CC-2000$519.49/mo. 2X1TB SSD15TB Data transfer

Business hosting 

They are also providing business hosting services, as it is known fact that shared hosting is great opportunity for static websites.  With the help of business hosting users can quality enabled design number of website as they also provide pre-built web-designed themes for the development of website. Moreover, with the help of business hosting services users can get various CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop, etc. 

Business hosting servicesCosting modelStorage schemeBandwidth (Transfer rating )
Launch $6.39/mo. Unlimited Unlimited 
Power $8.49/mo. Unlimited Unlimited 
Pro $14.71/moUnlimited Unlimited 

Additional services 

Along with the web specified web hosting services, the company also provides set of services such as web design services and website creation services. Additionally, they are also providing website hosting tools and software’s which ultimately helps the websites to stand out in the competitive market. 

Pros and cons 

Ads are not placed on your sites which ultimately increase the visibility and response time of the website. Limited disk space 
The website hosting services provided by the InMotion company are highly scalable and flexible Limited bandwidth usability 
Customers need to pay for those services that they have used in order to drive the business operations Non-adaptable support for emerging technologies 
All hosting services are equipped with high level of security features. Security-related risks 
Users can self-host the blogs, websites and other applications themselves. Third-party access risk 


InMotion is one of the best web-hosting companies, as they are providing wider range of services such as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, website creator, and business hosting. The main key point of the cloud vendor is- they are providing highly flexible, scalable, reliable, advanced featured and optimistic solutions. 

By selected the plan that they have offered will definitely increase the revenue of your business and can also help to retain the attention of the intended audience in the market. 

Additionally, due to rich experience in the web-sting services, they are regarded as best cloud vendors. They have proposed number of subscription plans for the services to the users so that users can select the plan as per the scale of their business. In order to evaluate more information regarding the company, you can also search using URL:

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