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In general, liquid web is one of the foremost Hosting company, which are totally concerned and linked to web and cloud professionals.  The main target plan of liquid web is to empower web professionalism across the globe.  The organization systematically manage the hosting services by providing computing-based resources to users, who are in need of resources for precedence of computational as well as business relationship tasks.  They are providing wider range of services to people which involves computation based dedicated servers, fastest with high processing VSN, E-mail hosting, WordPress managing solutions etc.  Moreover, we are providing services to people as per their requirements by considering the quality rate at prior. In fact, we are providing such kind of hosting products to customers that will serve their projects in context of reliability and efficiency.  Furthermore, users can demand for the services by mapping their requirement and need to pay for the services that they have undertaken for their business operations. 

In practice, Liquid web provides variant services such as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, preferable and dedicated cloud, private cloud, server clusters, WordPress Management, WooCommernce Management, Cloud fabrication sites, hosting services, Email- hosting etc. In addition to this, we are also providing variety of solutions such as freelancers, Agencies, business owners, HIPAA compliance, Ecommerce, Resellers, customer solutions, enterprise solutions, App hosting, PCI compliance etc. 

Products and Services

We are providing broader portfolio of products and services to users by mapping their key requirements.  In order to provide highly integrated platform to customer and business holders we are providing hosting related services such as- 

  • Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting– It is basically a virtualized server, which generates a simulated environment that resembles with dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Additionally, VPS hosting is a web hosting accounts which is used to host the website online. 
  • Dedicated servers– We are providing dedicated servers to users as per their respective requirements. The dedicated servers that we are providing to the users are incorporated with highly security standards.  We are offering highly performant and well security dedicated servers to host applications and services 
  • Dedicated cloud servers– We provision dedicated cloud servers to users in order to provide instant flexibility and reliability.  The servers that we are offering to our clients are highly compatible with modern applications and well-designed Information systems.  It is highly acceptable fact that dedicated cloud servers are the best cloud based features through which customers can achieve business oriented and aligned goals. 
  • Server clusters- We are also providing Server clusters which implies that the visualized assigned CPU cycles or computers are used by two or more users remotely at same time.  For the proper utilization of processing power, RAM, Hard drives and CPU cycles of computer we are providing Server cluster services to people.  Therefore, in order to scale up the Ecommerce business, server clusters are the best suited services for strategic business aligned organization. 

Pre-configured server cluster options that we are providing are- 2 Node cluster, 3 Node cluster, 4 Node cluster and 6 Node cluster. 

  • WordPress management– We are providing complete, efficient and well manageable WordPress management solutions for the management of WordPress websites.  Along with this, we are providing secure platform in which number of features are deployed such as PHP 7, Image compression, automatic configuration, and Nginx which ultimate improves the performance and reliability of the websites.  Through WordPress management services your sites will get updated automatically without worrying about Plugin updates again and again.  Moreover, if users wants to migrate their websites to liquid web then users will not need to worry about downtimes error and security related risks. 
  • WooCommerce management– We are providing most customizable Ecommerce which could be used for building online business.  According to world’s national survey report, it has been recorded that WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform.  Through, WooCommerce management we are spanning your logistical and technical requirements.   We are serving the people by providing highly performant and reliable platform which is entirely dedicated to Ecommerce stores. 
  • Cloud sites- In general cloud sites is the most optimal hosting platform which is used for developing and building websites without need to consider about server management.  Cloud sites allow you to quickly launch and manage websites in PHP or.NET, Drupal or Joomla etc.  
  • Email hosting- Liquid web provides fully managed and professional services to users.  In today’s scenario, most of the organizations run their business through Email by liquid web, as it directly improves the productivity of the business due to following reasons- 
  1. No need to manage and troubleshoot the email servers 
  2. You can access E-mail services from anywhere and at any time (24*7 hrs. availability and accessibility) with the help of mobile, webmail, mail clients.


Liquid web is associated with number of hosting management benefits which has been mentioned below- 

  1. Users need to pay lower and affordable hosting cost
  2. With the use of Liquid web users can lowers in-house IT infrastructure cost
  3. Subscription plan are visible to all audience
  4. Associated with standard security control and management policies and principles.


It has been concluded that Liquid web is one of the foremost platform which provides hosting related services to people. Moreover, some of the services providing by Liquidweb are Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, dedicated servers, WordPress management, WooCommerce management, Cloud sites, Email hosting etc. In addition Liquid web also associated with number of advantages with has been mentioned above. Thus, overall it has been concluded that liquid web provide platform through which number of organizations can aligned their business. 

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