Namecheap Dedicated Server Review

Namecheap Dedicated Server Review


Namecheap is the IT leading services management company, which provides variety of web hosting services to users.  With great dedication, the great personality namely Richard Kirkendall is the founder of the company. The Company is founded in the year 2000, and it achieves higher level of competitive edge in the market by providing unparallel levels of hosting services, support, and security to the intended audience.  In today’s scenario, Namecheap is regarded as the top domain registers and web- hosting providers in the world. 

The mission statement of the company

The main mission of the company is to provide affordable access to domains and web hosting services so that other IT organizations can make their online presence in the market and can expand their business across the globe.  In practice, the company is providing lasted hosting products and high-quality domain at reasonable and affordable prices. 

Types of services provided by Namecheap

Namecheap provides wider range of domain name services and web hosting services which involves- Domain Name Search, domain name transfer, New TDL’s, personal domain, free DNS, shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, clearance Server, private Email hosting, Migration facility, website building services. Additionally, as they are providing WordPress hosting in which they further provide services such as they automatically management WordPress account of the users, provide Shared hosting and migrate WordPress account facility. 

Let’s discuss their services with costing models 

Shared Hosting Or Virtual Hosting 

Namecheap Company provides shared hosting or virtual hosting company at reasonable prices which is $2.88/month.  Most of the user’s access shred hosting, as in case of shred hosting cost is shared between main users and other website owners.  In this type of services, the company hosted the website of single users with other websites at one of the powerful servers. 

Reseller hosting

In general, reseller hosting means users can take hosting services from cloud vendors. In this type of services, users can mention their basic requirements such as storage space, bandwidth and CPU cycle, etc that are required to drive the business operations. Namecheap provides Reseller hosting to the users at reasonable cost of $2.88/ month so that users can manage their own websites in their own way. In such kind of hosting services, there is no involvement of cloud vendor as entire work has been checked and managed by the users itself. 

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting 

The Company provides VPS hosting services the users in which a specific segment of the fast performing server has been allotted to the users for its business operation.  The company provides VPS hosting at much affordable range of $11.88/month.  The hosting accounts of the users are remote from other accounts on the same private server. Even, the maintenance and management part of the hardware infrastructure is looked after by the cloud service provider itself. 

Dedicated servers 

The dedicated hosting services provided by Namecheap are affordable and reasonable.  Currently, there are number of IT organizations in the world that are accessing dedicated servers from Namecheap for the growth of their business.  Moreover, customers need to pay for the services as per the usage pattern.  Such kind of services is very useful to large websites which are posing heavy traffic. 

WordPress hosting management

They are also providing WordPress hosting management services at reasonable costing from $1 for the first month.  They are providing automated platform which manages WordPress account of the users. In addition to this, through these services users can build and maintain websites. 

Main valid reasons for the selection of Namecheap web-hosting

  1. Performance- The performance of the servers used by the Namecheap Company is quite fastest. The servers provided by the company are highly performant.  

Web server availability- Dell, Supermicro, and HP

Processing power of servers- Fast (Each server of deployed with two fast dual-core processors) 

RAM availability- 16GB 

Hard- Drive availability- Four hard drive with RAID protection

  1. Uptime-The web hosting services provided by the company, deliver 100% uptime for each scheduled maintenance. In order to provide seamless connectivity, they are providing an abundant amount of bandwidth, router and network-based infrastructure. 
  2. Security- The computing resources that they are providing are deployed with high-security standards, principles, and policies. Various authentication based policies and access control policies are deployed in the computing resources. The main purpose of providing high level of security is to protect the resources from various cyber threats. 
  3. Support- The company constantly delivering quality grading services to users as they also provide support after the completion of time schedule by offering more prevalent services to their intended audience 

Various key advantages of the services offered by the Namecheap 

  1. The web-hosting services provided by the company supremely come under adorable costing and subscription plan. 
  2. They provide 24/7 uptime monitoring services 
  3. Customer will pay for the services which they have used for their business. 
  4. They offer better security, performance, and reliability
  5. They also offer unlimited hosting services and unlimited customization based services. 

Various disadvantages of the services offered by the Namecheap 

  1. There might be a risk of maintaining confidential data over cloud, because whole data is transparent to third party provider (CSP‘s). 
  2. What if cloud vendor goes out of services 
  3. Migration issues arise during the process of cloud migration
  4. Deployment of weak security standards


Namecheap is one of the foremost web-hosting service providers in the competitive world. It’s my personal experience, as I am also running a business in which I am accessing their web- hosting services. The services that they are providing are- supportive, offered good speed, security parameter deployment, etc. 

I have selected there monthly subscription plan for the business in which I access there WordPress management services.  They are providing guaranteed services with high level of flexibility and reliability. 

Namecheap is really a bold and competitive Company in the market; they also offered wider range of services related costing plans to the users. It is highly recommended to the companies to use their services for the expansion of business orientation. For more detail use this URL link:

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