OVH (Online Virtual Hosting) Dedicated Server Review


Brief introduction about OVH 

OVH is the abbreviated form of Online Virtual Hosting, which is basically a French-based cloud computing as well as hosting company that offered a wider range of IT computing services such as VPS, standardized and quality-based web services, dedicated servers, etc.  The company has been introduced and set-up in the year 1999 by Klaba family. In practice, Virtualization of IT resources are done with the help of VMware technology and it is entirely managed by OVH. The company provides SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) to business-driven organizations for developing cloud infrastructure projects in highly secure, reliable and isolated environment.  Moreover, the SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) services that OVH provides consist of well equipped Intel processors, two host and to data-enters for storage.  In practice, OVH hosts private cloud which is highly dedicated to a particular organization and is incorporated with high secure access control and security control policies and standards. 

In addition to wider range of cloud computing services, OVH also provides software-defined storage solutions which are basically used to improve the performance level of your applications. The company manages your storage with the use of VCenter and provides highly scalable, reliable, secure and (24*7 hrs.)  accessible platform. 

Overview/ History  

The OVH is one of the foremost online virtual hosting companies, which is set-up and founded since 1999. Before setting up of virtual hosting business they initially saw the power and potential grading of the internet, as most of the IT-based and business-oriented organizations are highly relying on the internet for the growth of their business.  Thus, by analyzing the positive impact of internet OVH totally improves their business by introducing Hosting services that practically revolutionize the performance and working capabilities of the business.  Along with this, when they have measured and identifies the profitability that other business organization achieved through their services they have introduced tagline namely “Innovation is Freedom”.  With the passage of time, OVH company expands its business as they are managing 17 data-centres, 180000 servers and 800 employees and 600 remote employees.  Furthermore, they have introduced cloud computing services in which they are providing dedicated cloud SOC 1 type and SOC 2 types for the sake of storage, security and performance improvement.  

With the expansion of their business, they have introduced one of their largest data-enters namely GRA in Europe which possesses a capacity of 300000 to 500000 server which ultimately could be a turning point of their business success. 

Due to Hard-work, creativity and, dedication, OVH Company has achieved a competitive edge in the market.  The company is awarded number of awards “Vcloud Service Provider of the year” and “VMware service provider” due to their standardized and quality based IT hosting services. Moreover, OVH company has near about 350+ developers, system admins, technicians, and telephonic advisors who are working for the company and consistently satisfying more than 400000+ customers.

Products and services

OVH is the best online virtual hosting organization as they are providing innovative products and services such as servers (dedicated servers, virtual private servers, private cloud, storage, and backup) private cloud services (computing, storage, network, container and orchestrations, data and analytics, databases), Email hosting and SSL gateway/CDN, etc. In addition to this, they have a giant network even they are continuously evolving their business because they are passionate about customer services. They are providing services which support the latest technology such as IoT (Internet of Things), Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence.  

In practical, OVH provides wider range of public cloud services which involve- 

  1. Computing based services– In computing-based service, OVH provides guaranteed resources, GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), Sandbox, and IOPS, etc. Users can access the Virtualization-based IT infrastructure for their business operations. 
  2. Storage services– They are also providing wider range of storage services in order to improve the performance of the existing systems.  They are offering block storage, Object Storage, cloud archive, Volume Snapshot, Volume Snapshot, Backup instance, etc.  Moreover, customers need to pay for the services that they have undertaken or utilized for business alignment and operations. 
  3. Network-based services– They are offering private network which has been supported by OVH vRack, through which you will get connected to each part of the globe.  Security is automatically deployed over the provided network, Floating IP services and Virtual routers services, etc. 
  4. Containers and orchestration– OVH providing wider range of services under Containers and orchestration such as automatically management of kubernetes services, manage private Registry, Workflow management, OpenStack orchestration, public image catalog, and private image catalog, etc. 
  5. Data and analytics services–  OVH company also support and offers data and analytics services which involves data collector, data analytics platform, data computing,  NVIDIA NGC platform (users can lunch their developed applications that automatically leverage the power and potential of NVIDIA GPU’S in few clicks), and machine learning. 
  6. Interfaces Management – They are also providing wider range of services such as horizon, Physical remote control, OpenStack client, OpenStack AP, etc. 
  7. Project management related services– They are also providing project management related services which involve user’s management, quota and region management, and billing control. In fact, they are using subscription-based policies which states that users will not for the services that they have used as per the assigned rating style. 

Advantages of selecting OVH 

  1. Provides wider range of IT computing and virtualization-based services
  2. They have giant network and provide services to globally located clients 
  3. Provide reliable, scalable and flexible services 
  4. Standard security standard is incorporated 
  5. Guaranteed services and continues services 
  6. Ultra- high-security network
  7. Provides optimization-based services under reasonable cost 


It has been concluded that OVH providing wider ranges of virtualization-based services to users who are in needs of IT computing resources.  They are providing wider range of services such as Computing based services, Storage service, Containers and orchestration, data and analytics services, Interfaces Management, and Project management related services, etc. From the above article, it has been analyzed that they are the big cloud services competitors in the market as they are serving near about 300000+ clients across the globe etc. Overall, they are providing quality based services to the clients and ultimately retaining the attention of the clients in the market.

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