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INAP is the leading cloud vendors and application hosting company, which are involved in the operations of providing IT computing infrastructure to the users at reasonable costing.  The company has been co-founded in the year of 1996 and their main headquarters are situated in Reston, Virginia, United States. Moreover, the company is providing a wider range of IT services and products such as Hosting, Data Centre, Cloud computing, IT networking, Content delivery Network, etc. It is also examined that the company retains the revenue of near about $317 millions in the last year.  User can access their IT computing services by using website URL i.e.

Is INAP is optimal and well suited for your services?  

There is no doubt, each and every cloud service users always think that which cloud vendors should we need to about in order to drive the business operations. In this competitive market, there are number of cloud vendor namely Amazon, Century Link, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Rackspace, Salesforce, SAP, Verizon Terremark etc which are providing Cloud Computing (CC) services to users. Each of the cloud vendor’s has adopted different cloud delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, FaaS, DaaS, NaaS, etc) as per their conveniences. 

Why INAP? 

INAP is the topmost and IT leading application hosting company, as they are providing security enabled and quality standard services to users.  the reason for selected INAP over other cloud services providers are- 

  1. The company offers a wider range of compatible services for emerging technologies. 
  2. The design and navigation of are easier to understand, as INAP website is designed in such a way that net-savvy users can also understand their prime objective of cloud computing. 
  3. INAP has deployed web application firewall due to which the web-based applications would remain secured from cyber attacks. 
  4. INAP offers services on the basis of monthly subscription plans, even customers can pay for the services that they have used means they need to obey the concept of pay-per-usage. 

Mission statement

The prime mission of INAP is to host IT computing infrastructure to the users at affordable range so that users can expand and run their business in order to generate higher rate of business revenue. In addition to this, the prime objective of the company is retaining the attention of the users by providing them scalable, secure and flexible requirements in context of speed and power. 

Services and products hosting by the INAP

In practice, INAP website is designed in such a way that promotes different types of hosting services such as Data Centres (data storage), wider range of clouds (Private cloud (Dedicated private cloud, virtual private cloud), Bare metal), cloud management services (manages AWS, Azure, Multi-cloud), NaaS (connectivity solutions, DNS management, content delivery network), DRAAS and service management services (Intelligent monitoring, security, storage and backups) etc.  

INAP durability, validity and subscription plans

Server hosting- The company provides IaaS to IT users remotely which involves CPU cycles, Memory and services resources. Moreover, the server’s resources users can store their sensitive as well as sensitive data without the hassle of maintaining, configuring and buying the server. 

Why to choose the server hosting of INAP only? 

Due to the following reasons users can choose the server hosting of INAP- 

Accessibility and availability criteria

Remotely located users/Tele-users can access server hosting from anywhere and at any time as it offers availability of 24/7/365.  Moreover, the servers providing by the company are incorporated with advanced features which automatically manages and configures network, software updates, power and security measurements, etc. 

Dedicated server plan/Monthly subscription 

INAP offers dedicated servers which are used to host specific applications and services. Costing plan of dedicated servers-linuxx and windows

  • Price- $129.00 / month (monthly subscription plan) 
  • Web space availability- Unlimited for per month as per the subscription plan

Colocation plan 

The INAP provides high-density colo with multi-cloud flexibility, unparallel performance and better grade of connectivity. Costing plan of collocation- 

  • Price- On request
  • Webspace- Undefined

Faster and easier setup 

The hosting services provided by the INAP are remotely access by the users within minutes of ordering. Moreover, the services providing by the company are easier to deploy and espier to set-up. 

List of hosting services provided by INAP 

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting 
  • Dedicated server hosting 
  • Public, private  and hybrid cloud hosting 
  • Collocation 

Security parameters and level 

The hosting services providing by the INAP are deployed with high-level security principles and standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2005, ISO/IEC 27002 and ISO 9000 quality assurance, etc.  As it is known facts that most of the users always adopt secure cloud environment so that their confidential data will remain secure from various cyber threats. 

Pros and cons


  • You can pay for the services that you have utilized 
  • Reasonable and affordable cost 
  • Dedicated servers can be deployed instantly 
  • Cloud providers can handle all overruns 
  • Servers that are provided by the INAP are in different data centers 


  • Lack of root access all data is transparent to cloud service providers 
  • Cloud hosting still have downtime 
  • Reliance on shared storage which results in much higher disk latency
  • Might be security-related risks, if they don’t provide advanced security control and management tools. 


INAP is one the best IT leading company as they provides wider range of cloud hosting services which involves Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server hosting, Public, private and hybrid cloud hosting, Collocation etc. 

According to my perspective, INAP cloud service provider is providing most optimal cloud hosting services which offer proper Accessibility and availability criteria, Dedicated server plan/Monthly subscription, Faster and easier setup, etc. 

It is pretty much clear that by accessing their service the business operations of the IT organization would increase to much higher rate in the competitive market. Moreover, the INAP Company having a rich experience in providing cloud-related service to users due to which they retained the potential attention of the intended audience. 

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