TEMOK Dedicated Server Review

TEMOK Dedicated Server Review

Introduction about TEMOK 

TEMOK is the most prominent cloud service providing company, which provides wider range of cloud services to users, who are in need to IT computing resources for the growth of business operations.  The main aim of the company is to bring quality and standardized hosting technologies to the world.  In practice, they are providing trustworthy cloud computing services to users through which they are successfully build long lasting business relationships with their respective clients.  The top level services that  the company provides to their customers and which are in huge demand in the market are- they properly manage cloud hosting by adopting systematic procedure,  high- end dedicated servers,  VPS web servers that manages VPS hosting remotely, reseller web hosting, SSL & VPN,  and 1000+ domain extensions. By adopting business strategic and alignment procedure they have achieved competitive position in the market as they offers 24/7 hours support, SLA uptime of near about 99. 60%, support various payment gateways (PayPal, credit cards to wire transfer, Bitcoin etc.), systematically manage the personal accounts of the users, 100% cashback guarantee if user found any kind of discrepancies in the provided services, processes adopted by us are compliant with GDPR and ISO standards.  Furthermore, the dedicated servers that are provided by TEMOK company are highly secure (Supported by access control and authentication management policies), performant, reliable and scalable as compared to shared hosting. 

Historical information 

TEMOK is one of the best and renowned cloud vendors, as they are providing variable cloud computing services to IT organizations.  The main headquarters of the company are situated in Dubai, UK, USA and number of other countries.  By providing quality rating IT based virtualized infrastructure, the company has achieved competitive edge in the market.  Moreover, for the growth of company they have maintained a state-of-the-art server’s network in top-tier data centers which are situated in several other countries namely Netherlands, USA, Luxembourg and Sweden etc. Additionally, unlike other cloud vendors, they manage of their IT hardware and network infrastructure by itself. 

TEMOK Company has well professional and skilled employees, as they have a cohesive team of technicians, developers, marketing specialists, mobile application and web developers, and design professionals. The main success point of TEMOK company is- they are providing superiors support and proper guidance plan to their customers. The main mission statement the company is to accomplish the needs of the people by retain the satisfaction of the customers in the competitive market. 

By mapping the advancement in technology and customer’s need, we are introducing latest services, technologies and products in the market. Moreover, the services that they are providing to their clients are highly compatible with latest technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented reality) and IOT (Internet of Thing) etc. 

Products and services 

TEMOK Company provides set of services such as free and easier setups, fully customized hosting services, cloud management (Manage cloud such as Amazon, DigitalOcean, Mangento, WordPress), provide servers (Dedicated servers, Special dedicated deals, Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In addition to this, we are also providing hosting services such as Linux Shared Hosting, windows reseller hosting, Linux reseller hosting, and Linux SEO hosting. 

The main services that the company provides to their customers are cloud management services-

  1. Cloud management services The Company manages different cloud vendor’s services which involves Amazon, DigitalOcean, Mangento, WordPress.  With the help of cloud management services, users can build, develop and manage their web applications properly. 
  2. Server related services– In order to retain the potential attention of the users, they are also providing server-related solutions which involves dedicated servers, special dedicated deals, windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Linux Virtual Private Servers (VPS) etc.  In practice, most of the user’s access dedicated server hosting plans in order to improve the performance of the website. Moreover, it is also commonly feasible fact that with shared hosting, most of the disk space and bandwidth allotted to the users are limited and the payment pattern would be visible to the clients. 

Note- TEMOK Company has its own payment policies which states that customer will need to pay for the serving that they have undertaken in order to drive the business operations. 

  1. Hosting- related services– The Company also provides hosting-related services at reasonable price.  The type of hosting services provided by the company are- Linux shared hosting, Windows shared hosting, Windows reseller hosting, Linux reseller hosting and Linux SEO hosting etc. By providing hosting services to users TEMOK makes the websites of the organizations accessible through World Wide Web (WWW). 


Following are the services that people would access by accessing the services of TEMOK company- 

  1. They are providing Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. They also unlimited E-mail accounts, sub-domains, and FTP accounts. 
  3. No need to incur cost during the process of migration 
  4. Affordable and reasonable price
  5. Platform, services and products that are provided by the organization are deployed with highly security standards. 


It has been concluded that TEMOK Company having a rich experience in hosting the services. Moreover, there are number of organizations and users, who are accessing IT computing services from the company for the operation of the businesses. The services provided by the company are- Cloud management services, Server related services, and Hosting- related services. Moreover, the services provided by the company are highly flexible and scalable. In addition to this, there are number of advantages that are associated with the services that are provided by the organization, this is the main reason, large scale of people are using TEMOK services. In this blog post, various section has been discussed with brief information such as in the first section of the blog the preliminary introduction and overview of the company has been discussed properly. Thereafter, with the precedence of blog post various services and products that are providing by the company are also reported in the blog. Furthermore, some of the key advantages of accessing services of TEMOK Company are also mentioned in the report. Eventually at last section of the blog brief conclusion has been detailed in the blog in which some of the finding and results are concluded properly. 

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