Dedicated WordPress hosting

Dedicated Word Press Servers

This dedicated WordPress hosting is ideal for any website running the WordPress platform.

With a dedicated server for WordPress, you have the tools and resources needed to create a successful blog or website – without ever worrying about speed, uptime, or server maintenance.

More and more customers are using WordPress to run their businesses. A Dedicated WordPress Hosting solution is designed to support your website and application server needs. The managed hosting professionals are dedicated to helping you take complete advantage of the features and benefits of this powerful CMS platform

Dedicated WordPress hosting plans are fully managed and optimized for the best WordPress site performance. The experts take care of everything from updated security patches to daily backups, so you can concentrate on creating an amazing website.

With dedicated hosting WordPress, you can focus on your business and not on software to manage it.

The dedicated WordPress hosting is perfect for websites with large amounts of traffic. You can choose between cloud or non-cloud-based solutions with fully managed, semi-managed, and unmanaged options.

The WordPress dedicated hosting provides all of the features you would expect from a managed server, plus all the tools and plugins necessary for you to build your website. Whether you are a blogger or someone who wants to build a full-scale eCommerce site, you are covered.

The dedicated WordPress hosting plans are perfect for customers who need high-performance hosting on a dedicated server, often with a large number of website visitors.

Dedicated web hosting offers the best solution for experienced users, enterprises, and businesses that need full access to all of their files, databases, and applications. The dedicated server is not shared by any other customer and it doesn’t have the restrictions that many shared hosting providers have.

Popular Dedicated WordPress Servers

1. Knownhost

Knownhost WordPress server is one of the most popular and trusted hosting providers in the world. They offer fast, reliable, and inexpensive hosting solutions to users around the globe.

Knownhost is a company that specializes in WordPress server – a server that has WordPress installed and is ready for publishing.

KnownHost offers smart, reliable, and affordable WordPress hosting for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise organizations. We specialize in providing the best hosting options for your WordPress website.

Knownhost is a managed WordPress hosting service that provides a choice of web hosting plans to suit all needs. The WordPress hosting plans help you build beautiful and powerful websites with WordPress.

KnownHost offers you the power of a dedicated server while delivering the ease and flexibility of shared hosting. When you buy a private domain from Memset via KnownHost, they will install WordPress for you automatically.

KnownHost’s proven web hosting performance and legendary 24/7 customer support have delivered to our customers the industry’s highest standard in every aspect of their hosting needs. Their core commitment has always been providing predictable performance and reliability. With our WordPress-optimized servers, you can be sure you’re getting not only a highly scalable and fault-tolerant environment but a rock-solid foundation for your site.


Wpengine WordPress server is the leading WordPress hosting company that has been featured on Forbes, Inc. and other publications. They offer exceptional service, and powerful web hosting, helping you create a website easily and quickly. Their cloud hosting solution can help your business run better than ever before.

Wpengine WordPress server is your ultimate one-stop solution for all the needs of your website. It is dedicated to serving websites with excellent performance and scalability. Wpengine is a global company, headquartered in Austin Texas, offering reliable hosting services for websites built using WordPress and other open source technologies. They are committed to safeguarding your digital assets, providing fast and reliable support, and helping you grow your business online with great uptime and speed at affordable prices.

wp engine specializes in high-performance hosting for WordPress. Every WordPress site we host runs on our powerful servers, which are optimized for WordPress. We use a dedicated database server for each WordPress site, and all of our plans include a custom caching plugin to speed up your website even further.

The wpengine WordPress server combines superior performance, enterprise-grade reliability, robust security, and a best-in-class feature set to deliver the best user experience possible.

wpengine offers one of the most powerful WordPress hosting services in the industry. Their robust platform has been optimized for your WordPress website with our fast SSDs, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and constant security monitoring.

WpEngine has revolutionized the WordPress hosting industry by providing top-tier performance, reliability, and quality at a fraction of the cost. Their team is made up of WordPress specialists who have been with them since the company was founded in 2006, ensuring that when you entrust your website hosting needs to wpEngine, you will receive dedicated support, innovative solutions, and advanced technology.

3. WPOven

WPOven is a cheap but high-quality WordPress hosting company that you can use to host your websites and blogs. They offer a wide range of features that help to make the management of your websites and blogs easier and more pleasurable.

The WPOven WordPress server is a powerful, resourceful, and reliable platform for managing your website. They offer you the best support in order to face all of your needs as an administrator, we really care about your work and will do our best to make your experience as an owner of a website with us worthwhile.

The WPOven WordPress server offers an excellent and reliable hosting platform for your WordPress website. Our team of professionals offers you complete control over your WordPress server, as well as quality support to help you make the most out of it.

WPOven is a professional, secure, and reliable hosting company. We offer WordPress hosting solutions for any website.

WP Oven offers you the opportunity to host your self-developed WordPress website on their high-quality dedicated WordPress servers. They do this by renting out a small part of one of our powerful servers on a private virtual host. By doing so, we give you so much more than a traditional shared hosting solution.

All the servers are built on a solid foundation of premium components, giving you the speed, stability, and power you need to perform.

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