MongoDB managed service

MongoDB managed service is a fully-managed database as a service that scales to your needs and moves at the speed of your business. It is designed for developers to get up and running quickly with minimal configuration, offering you simplicity and ease-of-use without sacrificing performance. With MongoDB Atlas, you can choose between three different deployment options: Standard, Performance, or High Security.

The MongoDB managed service has a fully-versioned, multi-tenant database in the cloud, from which you can provision instances to your own AWS account.

Managed service experience and industry capabilities allow customers to realize the benefits of MongoDB, while reducing the hassles of managing it.

This service is for people who need a mongodb server that is easy to set up and monitor. The plans includes automatic backups, monitoring and additional security measures to prevent your data from being compromised.

Most popular, open-source NoSQL database.

MongoDB is the most popular, open-source NoSQL database. Our managed service provides the best of both worlds: a fully-managed solution that’s easy to deploy and use with complete performance and security, backed by MongoDB experts. This helps you reduce operational costs and focus on your business priorities.

Our managed service provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your database is fully optimized and backed up every night.

This mongoDB service includes monitoring and maintenance. MongoDB Atlas is a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up, operate and scale your deployments. With Atlas, you get built-in high availability, automated backups and restore, security features, and rich query tools that remove the need for a dedicated ops team.

MongoDB is a fast, scalable, and reliable document-oriented database for your mission-critical applications. Compose lets you manage your schema and data services at scale, with a friendly and powerful interface. From deploying your cluster to monitoring and troubleshooting it—all at the click of a button.

MongoDB for Developers

MongoDB is a great tool for developers who need a robust and reliable database. It’s trusted by organizations ranging from small startups to large, mission-critical applications—including Netflix, Yelp, The BBC, Adobe, and Intuit. All while rapidly scaling to handle massive amounts of data with low latency, even at millions of writes per second. You can easily deploy it on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about managing hardware or software updates.

As self-managed databases grow in size and complexity, they can become unwieldy to manage. MongoDB Atlas makes it easy to operate a distributed database reliably with the support of world class experts at MongoDB.

Easily enjoy the benefits of MongoDB — security, scalability, and performance. Worry less about provisioning – we take care of it all to help enable you to focus on building great applications

With MongoDB, you have the choice to manage your database on-premises, or with a cloud provider. With our managed service, we take care of all the maintenance and security updates so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases for storing documents and JSON data. With a high availability managed service, you can choose to deploy your data in a multizone cluster architecture or a single zone. Configure replicas yourself and choose where across the globe they’re located.

Use MongoDB Cloud Manager to simplify your MongoDB management and prevent unexpected downtime. Auto-configure your cluster, set up automated backups, and easily provision new nodes when you need them.

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed service that enables you to deploy, operate and scale your applications in the cloud. Based on MongoDB’s best practices and production-ready global infrastructure, it offers mission critical services such as 24/7 monitoring & support by experts, automatic upgrades, backup & restore services for on-premise or cloud deployments, disaster recovery with replica sets, automated provisioning and scaling of resources from single to multi-node clusters.

MongoDB is the world’s leading open-source database for mission-critical applications, powering applications used by the best companies in the world. MongoDB gives you real time insights into your business fast with a database tailored to modern applications that need speed and flexibility. With its high availability and reliability, MongoDB is perfect for storing your data analytics, preventing downtime and protecting against data loss.

MongoDB database ensures every aspect of your app will be implemented correctly and that it has the ability to scale as needed.

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