Ldap cloud service

ldap cloud service

The LDAP cloud service offers secure, reliable, and scalable directory services. It is a powerful platform to connect people and information, build applications and simplify administration tasks.

The LDAP cloud service allows you to store user accounts in a common directory, which can be shared between your servers and applications. It’s written in Go and runs on the Google Cloud Platform.

The LDAP cloud service is a secure, scalable and highly available federation of OpenLDAP servers. This service provides a high availability LDAP cloud serving desktop, web and mobile applications.

LDAP cloud service provides a service that allows clients to access data stored in an LDAP directory.


LdapCloud is an easy-to-use, Open Source LDAP service that provides LDAP-compatible directory services and replication. Providing a simple gateway to user management and configuration, it allows anyone with basic knowledge of LDAP syntax to quickly and easily set up their own directory server.

Cloud-based directory services offer the scalability and reliability that lets you manage your users and resources, wherever they roam. The relational database included with OpenLDAP allows you to store data directly in LDAP natively.

LDAP cloud service is a leading provider of enterprise-grade products and services to help customers manage their unique identities in a very cost-effective manner. Our product portfolio consists of LDAP search engine, idsaa, cmis explorer and idsaa connector

LDAP Cloud Service is a cloud service that allows users to access the OpenLDAP directory from an Apache web server. It provides a simple interface for its users and supports SSL encryption for safe communication

LDAP cloud service provides a secure, stable and highly available directory services platform. The software-only solution utilizes a multi-partitioned shared-nothing architecture to deliver the high throughput and scalability required by modern cloud applications

Ldapcloud is an affordable, simple and secure LDAP service that provides unlimited users and domains. It’s well suited for individuals, small businesses or large enterprises looking to implement LDAP-based applications with minimal internal infrastructure.

Cloud service for LDAP, a database of information about objects such as people, computers and printers. This service provides an LDAP server that applications running in the cloud can access to manage user accounts, group membership and other details of an organization’s users.

Amazon’s Cloud LDAP

LDAP cloud service is a fast, reliable and secure LDAP server built on Amazon’s Cloud to optimize your organization’s operations, improve security, control access and enable new applications.

LDAP cloud service is a way to store and manage access control in a secure manner.

LDAP cloud service is a hosting provider for LDAP, DHCP and DNS services.

LDAP Cloud service provides scalable, secure, and isolated cloud infrastructure for storing, archiving, distributing and processing LDAP data in the cloud.

Cloud-based LDAP service is suitable for new and established organizations wishing to take advantage of the benefits of open-source software. The LDAP cloud service provides a secure, fast, scalable and reliable LDAP solution that allows you to quickly provision a multi-server architecture with minimal effort

As a cloud service, LDAP provides us with a reliable and secure way to store data. It easily integrates into our current infrastructure and helps get the data we need faster in order to better serve the customers.

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