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aws shared hosting lightsail

The most affordable, entry-level web hosting service from AWS. This is a shared hosting environment with no restrictions on the number of domains or applications that can be hosted.

AWS cloud hosting is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to host your web applications or any data of your business. As an AWS customer, you’ll have access to the full range of Amazon Web Services products

Why pay more for your hosting? Get the reliability, speed and security you need to keep your website up and running all year. Get 99.9% uptime guarantees that your business won’t be down at plans stating just $3.50

Unlike the other hosting providers, AWS don’t nickel and dime you. They give you a more affordable price, more web space and more bandwidth

AWS shared hosting price is an affordable service designed to support small workloads. On the other hand a dedicated server or VPS is a powerful server that gives you root access and full control over a dedicated node.

The aws shared hosting price is the best value in the industry, with amazing uptime and performance.

The AWS shared hosting price is one of the most affordable solutions for Small business and Personal websites. Their fast server performance also allows you to quickly access your website from any mobile device!

Their shared hosting is custom-tailored for all types of websites, no matter how big or small the enterprise. From ecommerce to blogs, from video streaming sites to web applications, our shared hosting plans are guaranteed super-fast performance.

The shared hosting plans are built to provide all the functionality you need to get started with a web presence and grow your business.

Shared Web Hosting

The Shared Web Hosting plan is a cost effective and efficient choice for any business or individual requiring shared Internet hosting for their website.

Shared hosting is a great choice for those getting started with web development, and it’s also perfect for small businesses that have just begun to launch their online presence. This plan offers a great balance of low price, flexibility and performance, making it our most popular option among small businesses and developers alike.

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail makes it easy to get started with blazing fast and reliable cloud services. With Lightsail, you can deploy virtual private servers as quickly as 1 minute at starting price of $3.50 per month. You also pay only for what you use with no minimum commitments or overages.

Amazon Lightsail is a virtual private cloud with fast and easy set-up, high availability and built-in encryption that’s cost effective and ready to scale on demand

Amazon Lightsail is a family of AWS cloud services that make it easy to set up, operate, and scale compute capacity in the cloud. Lightsail provides you with all the benefits of AWS such as availability zones, fault tolerance, and security.

AWS lightsail allows you to create, configure, and deploy powerful dedicated AWS compute platforms in minutes, without the cost of managing physical infrastructure

LightSail is an easy and powerful way to get started with AWS. You get one group of basic resources with unlimited usage and a high-availability zone.

With Lightsail, you can quickly and reliably deploy the any-sized virtual server in the AWS cloud.

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