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Cloud Idap Server for best Web Hosting

Cloud LDAP Server lets you store, manage and access user profiles from one place using a RESTful web API. Connected to any LDAP-enabled service or directory, it provides a single point of entry for your users.

Identity and access management (IAM) platform

Cloud LDAP Server is a next-generation identity and access management (IAM) platform that provides the scalability, flexibility, and security you need to support your IT environment.

Organizations use Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication and authorization needs, for example in access control decisions, software licensing, or as an identity provider in a business to business (B2B) application. Cloud LDAP service provides an on-demand configuration of a multi-tenant directory and group management service specially engineered for Microsoft Azure.

This cloud version of LDAP Directory Server is designed to operate and scale on cloud infrastructure. It runs in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment and uses Amazon Relational Database Service, or MySQL, as its database.

A cloud LDAP server, which enables any company to quickly and easily establish an LDAP directory infrastructure that complies with the requirements of SAP NetWeaver Authentication Service.

The cloud LDAP service provides a secure and scalable solution for managing identities and user access to your applications.

The cloud ldap server is a web based ldap server where you can store your users, groups and access. It is a database with ldap storage within the app. The cloud ldap server works by storing LDAP directory data on the cloud or a local host. It allows users to manage and monitor concurrent sessions, create new sessions and control access permissions to the directory for authenticated session users.

Cloud LDAP Server is a cloud-based directory service which offers secure online data storage to business and enterprise organizations. This includes IT personnel, employees, customers and partners with their own access rights. Their service can be implemented on the customer’s premises or in their data center.

The Cloud LDAP Server provides secure, reliable messaging and directory services via LDAP to any application that needs to connect to an external network.

LDAP Cloud Server (CLoud-LDAP) is an open-source LDAP directory service that runs on top of any cloud service. With CLoud-LDAP you can easily manage users and groups. It makes it easy to add or remove users from your network, making it a perfect choice for startups and rapid growth companies.

A cloud-based LDAP server. With LDAP, you can store data in a single location and use it to manage your entire organization.

Cloud LDAP Server provides a secure, central access point to users, computers and other resources. Keep track of your company’s IT processes with a robust User Directory that offers self service password management. With Cloud LDAP Server it’s easy to manage user accounts, credentials and policies across multiple locations. Automate user provisioning, deprovisioning and access rights to on-premise resources using SAML 2.0 federated identity services and high availability ensures that your directory service is always accessible when it’s needed most.

Cloud LDAP Server is a robust, scalable and flexible solution for managing user identity information

Make your users happy with this easy-to-use cloud LDAP server. It can manage user records, passwords and permissions in one place. Multiple domain management is also available.

LDAP is the protocol used by Active Directory and OpenLDAP. This server is a cloud hosted LDAP server that is highly available, scalable and secure.

Authentication, authorization and accounting services

An LDAP Server offering authentication, authorization and accounting services (AAA) with support for the LDAP protocol standards.Cloud LDAP Server is a scalable and highly available LDAP directory service for the cloud. It maximizes performance, elasticity and security by leveraging the virtualization capabilities of cloud infrastructures. Cloud LDAP Server also offers built-in RAC support (Single Namespace with Replicas) and fallback replication, to ensure high availability and disaster recovery.

Cloud LDAP Server is a secure, reliable, and scalable LDAP server.

Cloud LDAP Server is a new product that enables you to implement your own LDAP servers in the cloud and securely manage your users and network devices. This solution allows you to quickly add more users, change user roles, and more – all from a web-based management console.

Cloudded is the enterprise cloud LDAP server that allows you to centrally manage your users and groups. Set up and configure in minutes, with automatic sync of all changes from each user’s PC, Mac or mobile device to the server. With both public and private cloud options for hosting, Clouded offers the security and scale to keep your users safe.

A cloud LDAP server with powerful authentication, access control and reporting features that allows you to manage your company’s users and groups on one platform.

A cloud LDAP server is a service for managing and controlling access to data. This server allows users to access, create, read and modify data.

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