Power10 server

Power10 Server for best Cloud Web Hosting

The power10 server is 10 times more powerful than your standard servers. It has twice the memory, with the ability to expand to 30 GB. The CPU is 12 cores and the internal SSD storage can be expanded up to 300 GB.

Power10 Server provides the ultimate computing solution, with the performance of a fully-loaded single-board computer, in a compact form factor that can fit just about anywhere.

Power10 server is a data center that uses a completely different hardware and software stack. Power 10 server takes advantage of new hardware to deliver the highest performance with low power consumption.

Power10 is an all-flash server, engineered to meet the high performance and data integrity needs of today’s online businesses. Power10 servers deliver enterprise-class scalability, protection and availability to all your applications

Power 10-series servers are based on the innovative cloud core architecture – the only server that can be configured with multiple CPU sockets per machine level. You can benefit from low up-front costs, minimal power and cooling requirements, and exceptional serviceability because the entire server is designed as one module. Delivering a future-proof infrastructure while saving you money upfront and down the road.

This product is the ultimate server for your most demanding workloads. All their servers are carefully engineered to use fewer resources, stay cool, and be highly reliable. They offer four Power 10 options for businesses seeking smaller installations or remote sites.

Flexible server

Power10 Server is a scalable and flexible server. With up to 48GB RAM, 64 Core CPU and a choice of four hard drive options, Power10 comes loaded with the most affordable performance in its class.

The power10 server is designed to handle your increasing needs without having to upgrade. Built on a secure platform, it will deliver redundancy, performance and scalability to power your business.

Their Power10 Server is an industry leading server for enterprises who want to run the most demanding workloads. This next generation 22nm server chipset has up to 24 cores, 44 threads and 6 memory channels. With it’s efficient power management you will have a server that can handle any workload while keeping costs low and performance high

Power10 servers are designed with the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, high-capacity Intel® Optane™ memory and new high-bandwidth Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA) fabric. It also supports a multi-core processing power for most demanding workloads to help you manage your workloads quickly and efficiently.

Their Power10 servers provide advanced memory and processing capabilities in a compact and scalable three rack-unit package. These are ideal for high performance applications with need for maximum application throughput, such as applications that require complex calculations, VDI and virtualization, front-end web servers, high performance computing (HPC), big data analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence.

AMD EPYC, AMD’s market-changing GPU and CPU technology, combines the performance and efficiency of AMD hardware for exceptional value in scale-out computing. Power10 server provides the industry’s highest performance per-core, memory bandwidth and memory capacity to support an unprecedented ecosystem of industry standard processors and GPUs.

Power10 server is a unique server-by-server architecture which allows users to scale their workloads exactly where they need it. power10 servers can be configured with up to 2,100 cores and 19.8TB of memory to fit any workload – from physical datacenter compute virtualization to public cloud computing.

Power10 server is a complete, fully configured solution for any business and can be scaled to suit your needs. It features an excellent price-performance ratio, providing easy and scalable access to data from cost-effective applications.

POWER10 server offers the strong foundation needed for mission-critical IT infrastructure creation. Designed with a plethora of technologies, POWER10 server is an ideal choice for diversified workloads, high performance computing and next generation cloud infrastructures

Power10 server is an excellent, low-cost choice for many applications. The integrated management and virtualization features make it easy to manage small networks with multiple operating systems running on virtual machines. It’s a great first server for SMBs that need affordable performance in a standard rack mount form factor.

Power10 is a powerful server system designed for professional and cloud datacenters, offering highest performance and memory capacities. Power10 is based on the new Intel 10-nanometer processor (Ice Lake) technology, which has been optimized for maximum performance per watt – as well as high availability and security features. With its more than 1.5x server density increase and 47 percent performance gain compared to Xeon Scalable processors, Power10 sets a new benchmark for server systems across all key workloads and applications

The Power10 Server is a powerful server designed for any organization that wants to scale its computing operations to meet the rapidly changing needs of business and technology today. The IT world has evolved and requires more cores, more memory and more bandwidth. With their Power10 Server, you can give your business the flexibility it needs to get the job done without compromising performance.

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