Server online backup solutions

Server Online Backup Solutions for best Web Hosting

1. Cloudberry Backup server online backup

Cloudberry Backup is a robust, full-featured online backup server with an easy to use interface that makes it easy to setup and use. It can backup files to any remote storage location such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage (B2).

Cloudberry Backup is a professional online backup software for Windows and Linux servers. It provides full, incremental, and differential backup. Backups can be stored on any remote server or NAS device of your choice in over 20 cloud services. The software includes encryption, compression, deduplication and data transfer acceleration technologies to help reduce bandwidth costs and the time required for backups

Cloudberry Backup Server is a powerful and flexible backup solution for Windows network environments. It backs up files from multiple servers to a central location using server-side compression and encryption, thus reducing storage costs. It can also be used to back up remote sites, centralize offsite storage, or create standby servers. Cloudberry Backup Server can be used to recover lost data due to hardware/software failures, human error or malicious acts.


Cloudberry Backup is an affordable and easy-to-use cloud backup software that protects your files, folders, emails and documents with a personal cloud ready storage solution to back up local and network drives over the internet in real time.

Cloudberry Backup is a powerful, easy-to-use online backup client that gives you secure, cloud storage and access to your most important files from anywhere. Backup unlimited amount of content across all devices – easily set up and manage backups with their easy-to-use web UI.

Cloudberry Backup is a powerful yet easy-to-use backup tool for Windows, Mac and Linux with cloud storage support. It has an intuitive and simple user interface as well as powerful features required by both home and business users such as real-time file synchronization, encryption, unlimited backup versions, and more. To go with that, Cloudberry Backup is available in both free and paid versions (Cloudberry Managed Backup).

2. Backblaze

Backblaze Backup is the easiest and most economical way to protect all files on your computer or on your network. And with their easy-to-use online account you can manage your backup from anywhere, anytime.

Backblaze offers unlimited online backup for computers, laptops and mobile devices, 1 PC / Mac and unlimited mobile devices. All backed up unlimited data files are securely stored on a cloud server that uses Microsoft Azure platform. So even if you lose it all, you have a complete backup of all your data.


Backblaze online backup offers unlimited cloud data backup for $5 per month. Backups are encrypted, private and always safe.

Backblaze Online Backup protects everything on your computer — including Windows and Mac computers, external hard drives, home servers, USB drives and more. Backup files from workstations, laptops and mobile devices. Choose the space that’s right for you — from 50GB to Unlimited.

Backblaze is an online backup service, designed to protect computers from crashes. This service allows users to store up to 50 gigabytes of data for as little as $5/month. Backblaze also backs up mobile devices, and provides users with an external hard drive for off-site storage.

Their unlimited backup service is designed to protect your data and provide peace of mind. Back up, retrieve and share files from anywhere with your personal online backup account. 

Backblaze Backup is a cloud data protection solution designed specifically to protect your most important files and folders, while also providing you with fast and reliable access. Backblaze provides affordable unlimited backup storage and only charges you when your service is used. You can also schedule backups at a point in time that works best for you so there’s no need to worry about missing any crucial data. Backblaze Backup is great for protecting your media library, project files, photos, family photos and much more.

Backblaze Backup is a free online backup service, which means you can use it to make local backups of your computer’s files and records, so that they won’t get lost if your computer crashes.

Backblaze is the premiere online cloud backup provider. Backblaze offers unlimited backup storage on their servers, automatic data backup and recoverability of files, and significant peace of mind by backing up and restoring your data in real-time while preserving full security and control.

Backblaze is a cloud based backup service that makes daily and weekly backups of your computer files up to the Internet Archive. The Backblaze service is completely free, reliable, and secure. Backblaze also provides unlimited storage space for its customers. Users can download their storage usage information in a few minutes either through their web interface or on paper form by mail. Backup data is stored on servers owned by Backblaze LLC in Northern California.

Backblaze, a reliable online backup and storage solution. Backblaze offers unlimited backups and rollbacks, with no data or storage limits.

Store and protect your files in the cloud, so that you always have access to your important information. Backblaze has been backed up online since 2014, enabling us to provide unlimited backup storage without expensive equipment, or the need for an IT staff. They have over 1,000 servers worldwide and provide unlimited space on their servers with no minimums.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva Backup server is a cloud-based backup service that protects data from viruses, malware and accidental deletion. This service also lets you restore your files even if they are encrypted by ransomware.

Nextiva Backup software for cloud backup, online backup, data protection and retention.

Nextiva Backup was built for businesses who want online, secure and reliable backup for their servers. With the business-class cloud servers in the Nextivity system, you have the ability to manage your own backups from one easy to use interface. Nextiva Backup allows you to configure flexible schedules that include different options such as daily, weekly or monthly backups.

Nextiva Backup is an Online Backup solution that can backup to our Nextiva hosted servers as well as AWS and Google Cloud. It uses the ZFS file system for faster deduplication of files and compression to achieve a faster upload time.

Backup server is a great way to backup your data online, secure and simple. Just connect it with the network and power it on, all data will be safely synced and backed up to the cloud.

Online Backup offers cloud storage to keep your files safe wherever you are. Whether it’s your laptop, desktop or a mobile device, sharing files with other people is just as easy!

4. CrashPlan Pro

CrashPlan Pro Backup server is a reliable and secure option for backing up your business data on the cloud. Use it to create backups of your computers, servers, or other devices—and store those backups in the cloud. Even if your data center suffers an outage or flood due to natural disaster, you’ll still have access to your data.

CrashPlan Pro Backup is a cloud-based backup service that protects your data from server crashes, accidental deletion and the many other ways files can be lost.

CrashPlan Pro creates a private and secure backup agent on your computer. It encrypts everything, including files, folders and drives. Your data is always backed up in real-time on our servers, so you can focus on the things that matter. When you need to restore files or replace a hard drive, CrashPlan will do the rest

Planning for your data’s protection is just as important as planning for its growth. CrashPlan Pro provides high-speed and continuous backup and recovery, making it the best choice for professional IT departments and small businesses alike.

CrashPlan Pro lets you set up a CrashPlan Central account to keep your data protected online and out of the way. With your backup files sent to the cloud, you can restore your files whenever you need them, no matter what device they’re on — even if they’re destroyed or lost.

Your first backup is always free and we’ll help you set it up. Then, CrashPlan saves your files from anywhere — automatically, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Back up photo libraries, music libraries, important business files and all of their associated items and folders. Backup your computer right now!

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