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About Contabo

About Contabo

Contabo has created a modern and intuitive website hosting platform to provide you the best possible hosting experience at an unbeatable price.

Contabo is one of the leading providers of web hosting, cloud computing and Domain Name Registration. We offer a variety of hosting solutions from one-click WordPress or Joomla templates and business-class web hosting to reseller accounts.

Contabo is a German hosting company with better features, more free resources and more powerful support. Contabo offers the most flexible web hosting solutions to their customers at affordable prices.

Contabo provides an easy to use web hosting solution. No matter which type of hosting you need, e.g. reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated server, the control panel makes it possible to create an account on your own web server and realize your individual needs.

With Contabo Cloud you have a great chance to live the dream and make your own cloud. You are running your own virtual server in the world’s most famous data centers. We manage the servers, you just enjoy the benefits of being a boss!

Contabo is a German hosting provider founded in 2015 and based near Cologne, Germany. With its bootstrapped growth over the past few years, our fast-growing hosting provider has won several awards, including the Hosting Award in 2016 and 2017. We are also proud to have been selected as finalists for the Deutsche Digital Preis 2018.

Contabo is a web hosting provider that provides hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as private users. The company’s core product is a Shared Linux Server which includes technical support and an optional user-friendly interface that automates many routine tasks like the installation of new software packages.

Contabo is a cost effective webhosting provider, specialising in shared hosting services. With Contabo you can host your website on the following domains: .com, .net, .org and .website

Contabo creates affordable, purpose-built hosting services. Our easy-to-use interface, outstanding customer service and unbeatably priced hosting ensures that whether you want or need anything, we’ll get it done right and right away.

Contabo is a top tier SSD hosting provider. We offer fast, secure, and affordable virtual private and dedicated servers. Our data centers are located in Frankfurt (Germany) and Michigan (USA), ensuring fast connectivity for users from all parts of the world. A perfect choice for shared hosting, small business web hosting and reseller hosting!

Contabo Products Plans

Contabo Products Plans for Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedicated Servers, Object storage

Contabo Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Contabo Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Contabo offers reliable and high-performance Virtual Private Servers in addition to Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Services and more.

Contabo virtual private servers (VPS) are ideal for hosting websites and applications. Contabo provides dedicated resources, so you can host a website on the IP address of your choice. Our high-performance cloud hosting technology ensures that there is no limit to how many web applications you can run at once.

Contabo is a Virtual Private Server provider with a focus on performance and cost-effectiveness. Since 2013, Contabo has been a trusted provider as well as a reliable partner in the field of web hosting solutions.

Contabo Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are available as semi-managed or fully managed servers. Contabo offers a service level agreement of 99,9% network and system availability. Contabo is your ideal hosting partner for every website. Our Virtual Private Servers offer you the best possible combination of performance, price and security. Whether you want to use our Basic, Pro or Business hosting plan on any system or solution – we are convinced that you will be fully satisfied with it. This applies whether you plan to run a personal blog on WordPress or a highly complex e-commerce shop.

We offer the most affordable VPS hosting in Germany. Create a fully functional server within minutes and start your project today with unprecedented flexibility, dependability, and performance.

Contabo is offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with only the best specs. We offer a variety of plans designed to match our customers’ needs. Contabo offers a wide range of features for its virtual private servers, including unmetered bandwidth and unlimited data transfer.

Contabo Virtual Private Servers offer you the best of both worlds: a powerful, highly flexible and secure virtualised environment for hosting your web applications. Contabo’s VPS is configured instantly, giving you instant access to your server after payment. This allows you to get started with the installation of your preferred software immediately.

Save money and increase security with a Contabo VPS. Our virtual private servers cost less than most traditional web hosting services because we provide the hardware, operating system and technical support for your VPS at no extra cost. The only additional expenses you have are for domain names, domains and domains.

Get a Contabo VPS and forget about your server management worries – our experienced support is at hand to assist you with any issue. We will make sure that your server is accessible via SSH and other ways of access, so that you can focus on what matters to you the most: Your website.

Contabo Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Plans

Contabo Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Plans for S, M, L, XL size

Contabo Dedicated Servers

Contabo Dedicated Servers

Contabo offers managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers at a very competitive price. The servers hosted at Contabo feature a variety of options depending on your requirements, from an SSD VPS or Windows server to those featuring the highest specification CPUs and RAM.

Contabo offers premium business hosting solutions via our network of high-availability, stable and secure data center facilities. We offer different packages that vary in terms of features and price, with a list of standard features for all web server solutions.

Your Contabo dedicated server is hosted in a reliable data center in Germany and includes the benefit of our 24/7 tech support. Choose between Linux or Windows, select from our wide selection of included features and contract lengths. We provide you with a dedicated IP address, so you’re in full control of your server. For added peace of mind, additional DDoS protection is available at no additional cost.

Professional Dedicated Servers. Reliable, powerful and always available for you. Dedicated Servers from Contabo are the perfect choice for your business-critical applications. With a choice of three premium operating systems, all servers are delivered with a choice of fast, reliable network connections and can be provisioned instantly upon payment.

Contabo’s dedicated servers are the ultimate answer for reliable, high-performance web hosting. Choose from our wide variety of plans to find the right one for your needs and don’t worry about missing out on any important features – they’re all included in each plan.

Contabo is offering enterprise class hosting services with high quality and reliability. We are located in Germany and have been striving for excellence in technology, service, and innovation since our founding in 2003.

A dedicated server is the perfect solution for your company if it needs the highest possible security and performance from its web presence. A server offers you independence from shared resources, reliability and stability of operation, as well as low latency and high data transfer rates.

We have been in the web hosting business for over 15 years now, and we offer one of the most extensive ranges of web hosting services out there. We have servers for every need: Contabo offers Linux, Windows and VPS hosting plans backed with our 24/7 Support – No limits on traffic or diskspace.

Contabo Dedicated Servers Plans

Contabo Dedicated Servers Plans for Cloud VDS XL, Intel 10-core, Intel Dual 10-core, AMD EPYC 16 cores, AMD EPYC 32 Cores

Contabo Window Servers

Contabo Window Servers

Contabo Window Servers are top of the line. Contabo offers a variety of options to fit your needs. Contabo provides Window servers starting from 8GB RAM. Their powerful servers are located in Germany, one of the most reliable data centers, with all needed services such as 100% network uptime, server monitoring and fast switching between power supplies.

Contabo Window Servers – great features and a perfect price: Pay as you go, no locking periods and only pay for what you use. Use our Contabo Panel to get started fast. All Contabo Plans include unmetered traffic, flexible billing options and an easy-to-use pricing model.

Contabo offers you the flexibility of choosing from an extensive range of different server configurations, including the newest hyper-threaded and multi-core processors. Our Windows servers run on the latest Windows Server 2019 or 2012 R2 operating system and include an optional backup service that provides daily backups to all important data. This way your data will always be safely stored at a secure location.

Window servers by Contabo are affordable and are built to be online. All our Windows servers come with a dedicated virtual private server, so your data remains encrypted at all times. Furthermore, you have access to a firewall so as not to allow access from the outside world.

Contabo Window Servers are dedicated servers with a wide range of technical and service features that allow you to choose the server model that fits your needs. With Contabo, you can choose from different operating systems, CPU types and server configurations, which gives you plenty of freedom when it comes to hosting your websites or applications

Contabo Window Servers (VPS) with Microsoft Windows Server licenses are the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The server hosting is reliable, fast and secure and includes a dedicated bare metal server, powerful server configuration and complete freedom of choice.

With Contabo Window Servers you are able to host multiple domains in one account. This is a powerful feature as it allows you to manage your websites in an effective way. The Windows Servers also include the powerful cPanel control panel. This makes it easy for you to set up your domain and configure email addresses with just a few clicks.

Our Contabo Window servers are a premium service. They are reliable, fast, and secure. Your account gets plenty of hard disk space for all your files and the network connection is optimized for latency-free access across the world. Each server has its own 3 Internet-independent IP addresses attached to it that are reserved exclusively for this specific machine. Use them freely with optional services, such as FTP and SSH or any other service you can think of.

Contabo offers a monthly payment plan for their virtual servers. Users pay for a monthly fee and use the server for unlimited time. You can order additional hard disks, RAM, or CPU power and decide how you want to set up the storage architecture of your server. Contabo offers both Linux and Windows Server support with an option to run them on the same machine if you wish so.

Contabo Window Servers Plans

Contabo Window Servers Plans for Window Remote Desktop, Meta trading on Window, Window game server, Reseller webhosting

Contabo Plesk Server

Contabo Plesk Server

Contabo offers Plesk Server, an excellent control panel that enables you to administer your hosting server. Plesk is a complete system management solution and one of the leading hosting control panels worldwide.

Contabo offers a very convenient and modern Plesk Server, which is definitely the right choice to host your individual web sites. With its intuitive administration panel, you can completely manage your hosting data with our low-cost billing.

Contabo’s leading Plesk solution offers everything you need to manage your web hosting account. The easy to use management console allows you to start with just one site and quickly expand your web presence.

Contabo’s Plesk server gives you the freedom to manage your hosting platform on-premise. All of our subscriptions include a dedicated IP address, and we even provide domains for free.

Contabo’s Plesk Server offers a variety of features, such as DNS hosting, email hosting and web hosting. Our one-click installation helps you experience the benefits of email within minutes.

Plesk, the leading web hosting Control Panel, can be installed and configured on a Contabo server. Plesk has dozens of features, including billing and user management, domain registration, domain transfers, website building tools and much more.

Contabo is a web hosting and cloud provider that offers Plesk Server, a leading Linux-based server management solution. Contabo’s Plesk Server hosting package is fully featured, scalable and easy to use. It offers numerous features like an advanced Domain Manager, unrivaled MySQL support, unlimited email credits and much more.

Plesk Server is a web hosting control panel that provides an intuitive, customizable and powerful interface for managing web hosts. The software offers numerous features for managing domains, hosting clients, databases and more.

The best way to manage your servers and desktop computers. Plesk Server is a powerful tool with an easy-to-use interface and highly flexible functionality, allowing you to manage everything from one central location. With Contabo Plesk, you benefit from high performance, excellent uptime and great reliability.

Contabo offers you reliable and scalable hosting solutions with 100% SSD storage, a private network, load balancing and failover capabilities at the best price.

Contabo offers a secure and reliable hosting experience by providing top-notch security, fast SSD drives and 100% Uptime. It is being used by more than 160,000 websites worldwide.

Contabo Plesk Server Plans

Contabo Plesk Server Plans Entry level Plesk Virtual server, Cheap Reseller webhosting, Powerful reseller webhosting

Contabo cPanel Server

Contabo cPanel Server

Contabo cPanel Server is a one-click cPanel cloud hosting with excellent support, providing you with a simple web hosting solution. The Contabo cPanel server is a perfect server to host your web projects. It is reliable, flexible and powerful.

Contabo’s cPanel server is a high-performance cloud solution that offers you the highest quality and security. The Contabo cPanel server makes it easy to upgrade your system as needed, as well as manage your web storage and unlimited domains.

Contabo is a cPanel server with the added benefit of hosting your website in Germany. Located in Frankfurt, we are able to provide excellent connectivity speeds and security at an affordable price! Start today!

Developed for web hosting and used by more than 600,000 customers, cPanel is the leading control panel solution for web hosters, offering a complete set of web management tools. It is used to manage the server, domains, mailboxes and email accounts.

Contabo cPanel Server is a secure and reliable web hosting solution that offers you all the tools you need to effectively manage your website. You will reliably run all popular software like WordPress and Joomla on our server. Contabo cPanel provides you with an easy-to-use control center where you can manage your websites, databases, email accounts, users and more – all in one place.

Contabo cPanel Server is a Windows-based Linux distribution designed to offer full server control and automation of hosting systems. It can be used to manage multiple servers and comprises two major pieces of software: the ReText web editor, which works as a WYSIWYG frontend for PHP; and the Secure Shell (SSH), a secure remote login application. The SSH component allows users to start, stop and restart services remotely using command line scripts as well as providing a secure connection for data transfers.

You can find everything related to your server with the Contabo cPanel Server. It offers you a wide range of options and tools that simplify almost everything you need as an administrator or a user. For example, it allows you to handle emails, move files around, create databases and much more besides. You are in control at all times and can manage your server as if you were sitting directly at it!

Contabo cPanel Server Plans

Contabo cPanel Server Plans for Entry level cPanel virtual server, Cheap Reseller webhosting, Powerful reseller webhosting

Contabo Domain Name

Contabo Domain Name

The Contabo Domain name is your extension; the internet address you need to get online. Each Contabo Domain name is available for use by you and your customers. Each domain is easy to remember, easy to find, and can help your business grow.

Contabo offers a wide range of features that are included in the domain name registration price. Contabo Domain name is an elegant and modern domain name that can be used in the construction of creative and attractive domains. It’s a really cheap price for all domains under our service so please don’t hesitate give it a try!

A domain name is the address of your website on the internet. It consists of two parts, a Top Level Domain (TLD) i.e. .com, .de etc. and the second part is your domain name e.g.: superconta

Contabo is a web hosting company with over 10 years of experience. We are a business friendly and quality oriented service. With over 90,000 clients and 70 million domains hosted under our management, we are one of the most reliable domain providers on the market.

Contabo is a private domain name registrar and hosting company. Since 1996, Contabo has been servicing private and business customers with domain registrations, domain transfers and also hosting solutions.

A domain name is your online identity. With Contabo, you can get your own domain for the price of EUR 9.99 per year and choose from over 50 TLDs such as .com, .net or .org to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd when people visit your website.

CONTAMO is a domain name that can be used as a website or an email address. You’ll get the domain and hosting for free, receiving our email support 24/7 and a quick and easy set-up process. With our solution you’ll never miss another letter again!

Your domain name is an important piece of your online identity. It reflects you and your business, so it should be short, memorable and easy to spell. With our Domain Manager, you can create all the web addresses you need: from a simplistic landing page with your own domain name to a fully fledged ecommerce store with multiple sub-domains

The services of Contabo Pvt. Ltd. offer you optimum protection of your personal data. We will never disclose your private information to any third parties – neither on request nor by law.

Contabo Domain Name Plan

Contabo Domain Name Plan for Generic (gTLD)
Contabo Domain Name Plan For Country code (ccTLD)
Contabo Domain Name Plan for New (nTLD)

Contabo Web Hosting

Contabo Web Hosting

Contabo is a Web Hosting Service Provider with over 15 years of experience in hosting services. We are renowned for our excellent customer service and top-notch server environment.

The ideal combination of web hosting and other services. The web hosting service by Contabo is not only affordable, but also offers an optimal security level as well as a fast website performance. Try all our services for free, then immediately upgrade to the Premium package with 50 GB storage, 25 Domain Hostings and 10 Email Accounts.

More than 60,000 companies and individuals from more than 150 countries trust Contabo as their web hosting provider. Contabo offers competitive prices, quality service and world-class support for all of its plans.

Contabo’s Web Hosting is the best choice for your website. With our solid hardware, fast SSD drives and a no compromises approach to security, your website will be up and running in no time. We support all major PHP versions and are constantly improving our software infrastructure to make it as easy as possible for you to deploy your website using Contabo – quickly and easily.

Contabo Web Hosting is an affordable, but also high quality and secure web hosting provider for individual sites, applications and companies.

Contabo is the best web hosting solution, especially for smaller companies. We offer the ideal combination of fast servers, a user friendly control panel and affordable pricing.

Contabo Web Hosting offers a variety of top-quality, professional hosting services on any budget. Our customer support team is highly experienced in all matters concerning web hosting, so that you can rely on us for expert advice when planning your website’s future or in case of any difficulties.

Contabo Web Hosting offers the best web hosting services worldwide. You get the highest quality at affordable prices that you can get from any other web hosting providers in the market. With Contabo you get a very easy to use interface, great features and possibilities, no matter if you are just a beginner or experienced administrator. Host your web sites with us and benefit from our state-of-the-art technology each time that you visit your account

Contabo provides a Web hosting service that covers all your needs. We make it possible for you to host your own website and enjoy the freedom of being independent. With Contabo, there’s no three-year lock-in period, it’s completely unrestricted and there are no hidden costs.

Contabo offers all the qualities that a person would desire in a web hosting provider. It is super-easy to use and allows you to build a website with a simple drag & drop editor. Since opening its doors in 2009, Contabo has grown into a well-known company with 7 million customers, including many small and medium size businesses that rely on the stability of Contabo for their online presence.

Contabo Web Hosting Plans

Contabo Web Hosting Plans for Web space package M, L, XL, XXL Size

Contabo Reviews

Contabo offers a good hosting service. The control panel they use is easy to use and includes several applications which make the administration of your website easier and more comfortable. The server speed is also very fast, so if you want to host a high-performance website, Contabo can be an excellent choice for you.

Contabo offers the best web hosting solution for your business. Whether you are an individual who wants to start a website, or a professional that needs a powerful server to run their enterprise, Contabo is the only choice.

Contabo is a German web hosting provider with its roots in the design of secure and reliable Web hosting services. Our German data centers offer the latest technology and highest level of security. We take care of everything because we believe that the best hosting solution is one that works without the need for you to intervene.

Powerful and affordable web hosting. Get started quickly with a free domain name and SSL certificate, easy web builder and unlimited email accounts.

Contabo is a German web hosting provider which offers easy Windows, Linux, and VPS hosting at affordable prices. They offer professional servers with great performance and support.

Contabo offers high-speed internet services with up to 1 Gbit/s download and upload speeds. Our packages are suitable for both small and large businesses, home offices, artists and creators. With Contabo’s 100% unlimited flat rate you can access as much data as you need without throttling or metered access.

Contabo is one of the few hosting providers who offer Windows and Linux hosting. Contabo also invites customers to compete for hosting servers with the promise to give away their points when they have won. Contabo offers a fully automatic control panel, which is easy to use, and a wide range of more than 40 different server locations.

Contabo is a hosting provider, who can supply you with a Linux server with cPanel and SSH access. With a free, unmetered traffic package available, this service allows users to host large sites and businesses at an affordable price. All of their servers are fully GDPR compliant and are hosted in their own private datacenter in Germany.”

Contabo is a German hosting provider that offers its customers the opportunity to run their hosting platform on a flexible cloud infrastructure. This makes it possible for users to scale their websites up and down as quickly as they want. The company has been in business since 2006 and has dedicated over ten years of experience developing web technologies.

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