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About Leaseweb

About Leaseweb

Leaseweb is a dynamic, fast growing web hosting company, offering end-to-end managed services and high quality products.

Leaseweb is one of the largest European hosting and cloud providers, with a network reachable almost anywhere in the world. We leverage our global network to deliver the world’s fastest web sites and applications, regional data centers with low latency and powerful dedicated bandwidth connections, combined with a range of innovative CDN solutions.

Leaseweb is a leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Online Data Storage services to companies of all sizes, both private and public. Since 1995, Leaseweb has been providing hosting solutions to companies worldwide. With data centers strategically located throughout Europe, Asia, the United States and South America, we deliver world-class IT solutions to put our clients on the right track to success.

Leaseweb is an international hosting provider that provides services from multiple datacenters worldwide. With over a decade of experience, Leaseweb is one of the largest hosting providers in Europe and has been named ‘the fastest growing hosting company in the Netherlands’ by Deloitte.

Leaseweb is a leader in global cloud hosting. Leaseweb offers you the best quality and price in the cloud market with over twenty years of experience. We have one of the largest data centres worldwide, allowing us to offer you the best possible performance and security for your websites.

Leaseweb offers reliable, scalable and secure hosting for businesses looking for an alternative to traditional colocation. Leaseweb’s network is one of the most advanced in the world, offering native IPv6 connectivity to all customers. With datacenters around the world and a unique focus on security, the Leaseweb network is ideal for businesses seeking cloud hosting with superior performance

Leaseweb is a heavy-hitting web services provider that boasts a strong portfolio of global clients and high customer satisfaction rates. With their massive gigabit data centers and convenient regions, Leaseweb is a top-tier choice for businesses on the lookout for affordable hosting options.

Leaseweb is one of the fastest growing hosting companies in Europe and offers a full range of advanced Web hosting services for businesses. Our mission is to help our clients run their business smoothly by offering them state-of-the-art technology, unrivalled protection and support 24/7.

Leaseweb offers cloud hosting with highly secure, private, and fast infrastructure. Our data centers are strategically located in the Netherlands, close to the major Internet and telecom providers, with access to an extensive network of peering links to other networks and global internet providers. This makes Leaseweb the perfect choice for global businesses looking to offer their customers the highest levels of performance.

Leaseweb is committed to providing the best performing, most reliable and secure hosting services. We offer a wide range of hosting products and solutions, including cloud hosting, dedicated servers, premium hosting and more.

Leaseweb Products

Leaseweb Products of Dedicated server, Cloud, Cloud storage, CDN

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers is a powerful, flexible and scalable hosting solution for your business. Leaseweb Dedicated Servers. Delivering quality reliable and affordable dedicated servers since 1999.

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers are high-performance, fully dedicated servers. You receive the flexibility of a virtual server, with the performance and control of a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers from Leaseweb can help you deploy your own applications and ensure that they are always available. Setting up a dedicated server requires some technical knowledge, but our expert technicians can assist you with every step in the process.

Our Power Dedicated Server range offers all of the configuration options and technical aspects that your website’s visitors will require. They are ideal for applications such as web, email, automation and collaboration. With a variety of different hardware configurations, you can select from our range of server sizes (custom built to order) based on the exact amount of disk space and bandwidth you need.

With a dedicated server, you get a private hardware environment to run your own software, operating systems and applications. We offer a wide range of dedicated servers with different specifications according to your specific needs. You will find the right server at Leaseweb today!

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers with KVM and XEN Virtualization allow you to create your environment from scratch by choosing the hardware, software, and type of deployment you need for your application. We offer performance-optimized servers, also known as bare metal servers. These dedicated servers provide full root access to administrators and are priced at market rates.

We have a wide range of dedicated servers, featuring options such as premium bandwidth, free backup and load balancing. Get in touch to find out more!

Our Dedicated servers are the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective hosting solution you can find on the market. Host your site with us and enjoy a better uptime and higher performance than with any other hosting company.

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers

Leaseweb Dedicated Servers for 1x Intel Quad core, 1x AMD 16 core, 1x Intel Octa-Core
Leaseweb Dedicated Servers 1x AMD 16-core, 2x Intel Octa-core and Hexa-core
Leaseweb Dedicated Servers for 2x Intel Deca-core, 2x Intel 12-core
Leaseweb Dedicated Servers 2x Intel 16 Core Xeon Gold 5218, 2x Intel 16-Core Xeon  Silver 4314, 2x AMD 24-core EPYC 7413, 2x AMD 32-core, EPYC 7543

Leaseweb Virtual Private Server

Leaseweb Virtual Private Server

Leaseweb offers you a range of VPS hosting plans to suit any size or budget. Our high-quality services and competitive pricing are just right for your needs. Leaseweb offers a wide variety of VPS hosting plans to optimize your business’s needs. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, Leaseweb is the right choice to guarantee your business’s success.

Leaseweb’s virtual private servers will provide you with a great deal of freedom over the choice of your server, including operating system and software. These VPS instances are also highly scalable and flexible to suit the needs of all businesses.

Leaseweb provides affordable and reliable virtual private servers (VPS) with 99.9% uptime, full root access, and a selection of popular operating systems. Get your VPS in seconds.

For the most demanding needs in private cloud computing, Leaseweb offers the server capacity and built-in redundancy of a multi-site hosting environment without the complexity. Managed by our team of IT specialists, your Virtual Private Server (VPS) is housed in an isolated network with redundant connections so that there is no single point of failure. This ensures that you suffer no downtime or service degradation from disaster recovery scenarios.

Our flexible solutions are built to work around your business needs, so you can focus on growing your business. Our Virtual Private Servers offer a dedicated and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Leaseweb’s Virtual Private Servers are the perfect hosting solution for your company, website or application. Our high-quality VPS servers for Windows and Linux help you to host mission-critical applications without sacrificing performance.

Leaseweb Virtual Private Servers give you full root-level access to the operating system. You do not use our control panel; all software is installed on your own account and managed in an environment of your choice using an SSH client. Leaseweb offers VPS hosting with high-performance resources that are ideal for web hosting, e-mail, file sharing and similar applications.

Leaseweb’s virtual private servers are ideal for any individual or organization wishing to run websites, handle e-mail and internet applications, or host files and content. We offer server hosting with a choice of many operating systems, high-speed connectivity and 30+ datacenters around the world.

Leaseweb virtual private servers provide the flexibility of a powerful dedicated server, with the affordability and convenience of a shared hosting service. They are great for companies that need a scalable solution that fits their ever-changing needs.

Leaseweb Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are scalable, self-managed virtual servers hosted on a dedicated server in a top tier datacenter. With features like SSD storage, full IPv4 and IPv6 support, KVM hypervisor and more, they are perfect for website hosting, software development and e-commerce solutions.

Leaseweb Virtual Private Server Plans

Leaseweb Virtual Private Server Plans for gp micro, gp xsmall, gp small, gp medium, gp large, gp xlarge, gp 2xlarge

Leaseweb Colocation

Leaseweb Colocation

The Leaseweb Colocation product is a world wide network with state of the art facilities. They provide a full range of dedicated servers, virtual servers, clustered servers and managed hosting services.

Leaseweb offers colocation services in New York, Amsterdam and London. Choose between our white label (branded Leaseweb internet) or private label (untouched network) options. The Leaseweb Portal allows you to manage your server directly from Leaseweb’s web interface.

Colocation is a service where you lease a space in one of our datacenters in which you can install your own (compatible) equipment. We provide physical security, power, network connectivity and Internet access. You provide the computer and related equipment

Leaseweb is the global leader in colocation, with 16 data centres (13 co-owned and 3 owned) around the world. Leaseweb is also a leading dedicated server and Cloud Hosting provider in Europe, America and Asia. We provide hosting services to a wide range of customers including large corporates (financial institutions), medium enterprises (media) and small startups alike.

Leaseweb provides colocation services in a wide range of datacenter locations with a wide variety of connectivity options. Whether you require Tier 1 or multiple carriers, we offer the right solution for your business.

Get customized colocation solutions with direct access to your servers, increased security and scalability, plus access to our own redundant network of high-performance points of presence both locally and globally. Leaseweb’s colocation services include:

A colocation services is an ideal solution for businesses looking to offer their clients a professional, high-quality and secure hosting environment. Our colocation facilities are fully equipped with cutting edge technology, providing our customers a fast and reliable hosting experience.

Colocation means you only pay for the power, backup, cooling and connectivity you actually use. The first 10 kW is included in the price, but requires prior notice. Additional kWs can be purchased as needed, subject to availability.

Colocation with us is fast, secure and reliable. We take care of the headaches of data center management and maintenance, so you can focus on running your business. We manage our facilities in close collaboration with selected partners to ensure maximum service quality at all times.

Leaseweb Colocation Plans

Leaseweb Colocation Plans for Rack Units, Full Rack, Cage

Leaseweb Web Hosting

Leaseweb Web Hosting

Leaseweb Web Hosting is a leading provider of high-quality hosting services, offering shared and reseller hosting as well as virtual private servers.

Leaseweb is one of the most affordable web hosting providers in Europe. We offer a variety of hosting packages suitable for both sites just starting out and businesses looking to grow their operations. Our Dutch data center allows you to focus on running your business, while we take care of all the technical stuff – including security, availability, scalability and support.

Leaseweb offers affordable and reliable hosting solutions for end users and businesses. Our dedicated servers are hosted in Tier 1 data centers in Amsterdam and/or New York. Our cloud platform allows you to host your applications on a global scale with the same high quality service that you would expect from a privately held, entirely managed hosting company.

Leaseweb offers a wide range of Managed IT Solutions in the form of Linux hosting, Windows hosting and Colocation. We offer plenty of opportunities: interesting projects and a great team.

Whether building a business or growing an established one, you need strength and stability to thrive. Leaseweb delivers with a powerful combination of reliable infrastructure, secure data centers and industry-leading support.

Leaseweb offers comprehensive and secure cloud hosting solutions that are scalable, efficient, flexible and with 99.999% uptime. In order to get the most out of your website, you need a reliable and responsible hosting provider. LeasWeb provides high quality, reliable hosting services at an affordable price.

With Leaseweb you get fast, reliable and secure web hosting with no fuss. Our hosting packages come with high speed performance, automatic backups and the latest software updates.

Leaseweb provides a range of hosting solutions including shared, semi-dedicated and fully dedicated hosting. We offer scalable solutions that let our customers start out cheap, but end up with the freedom to expand their web sites without risking downtime.

Leaseweb’s services are used by many of the world’s leading enterprises, both small and large. We provide our clients with the best hosting technology, the highest quality network connectivity and professional 24/7 customer support. We have a proven track record of delivering superior service in our industry and we believe that this is what sets us apart from others.

Leaseweb offers high-quality, reliable dedicated server hosting, colocation services and cloud hosting. Founded in the Netherlands in 1997, Leaseweb benefits from its rich heritage as a tier-1 provider — offering more than 5,000 business customers and more than 500,000 individual users with leading-edge connectivity and world-class service.

Leaseweb Web Hosting Plans

Leaseweb Web Hosting Plans for Linux at different size (small, medium, large, Extra large)
Leaseweb Web Hosting Plans for Window at different size (small, medium, large, Extra large)

Leaseweb Domain Name

Leaseweb Domain Name

Leaseweb offers a variety of Internet services and solutions, including cloud servers and dedicated servers. Control your own domain name with Leaseweb. We manage your DNS records, making it easy to manage your domains through our comprehensive system and at fair rates.

The Leaseweb Domain Name is a powerful and flexible name server that enables you to host multiple website domains, DNS zones and subdomains at the same time on one single hosting package.

Leeaseweb offers a wide range of Apache web hosting services, including domain registration, email hosting and DNS management.

At Leaseweb we understand the important role a domain name plays in your online presence. This is why we offer you a wide range of flexible, cost-effective and private TLDs, including .com, .org and .net domains.

Leaseweb is the global market leader in dedicated server hosting, offering our clients the flexibility to choose their own hardware platform. Whether you’re looking for colocation services or wish to outsource your entire infrastructure, we have a solution that is tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

Leaseweb Domain name is a simple and affordable way to secure your web presence. You will be able to create an easy-to-remember address, such as, where you can reach your website customers anytime and anywhere they are online.

Leaseweb offers you flexibility. Our Domain Name products can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Get started today and find the right solution for your website design or hosting services.”

A domain name is the gateway to your online business, we understand the importance of having a memorable and reputable domain name.

Internet access has become essential to modern life and usually, it’s paid for at great expense. Leaseweb believes your Internet connection is not just a commodity, but an investment that should run smoothly. We are the world’s leading hosting provider; offering a wide range of high-quality services with a personal touch.

Leaseweb Domain Name plans

Leaseweb Domain Name plans for 1 Day (.com, .eu, .info, .net,, .nl, .de, .org, .us, .me)

Leaseweb Reviews

Leaseweb is a top global provider of hosting, cloud and datacenter services. We provide reliable, scalable and affordable solutions for individuals, businesses, developers and web agencies all over the world.

Here are some recent client comments: “I have been more than pleased with Leaseweb’s performance so far. They provide excellent value and the customer support has been great too.”

Leaseweb has global infrastructure in North America, Europe and Asia, with over 100 data centers in 32 countries, including 3 campuses in the United States (Dallas, Chicago & Los Angeles), 2 in Canada (Toronto & Montreal), 1 campus in Frankfurt and 2 campuses in The Netherlands (Amsterdam & Rotterdam).

Leaseweb offers industry leading cloud services that are highly reliable. With our data centers in the Netherlands, we provide a fast online experience with industry-leading performance.

Leaseweb is an established Dutch hosting provider, established in 1996. Over the years the company has built a reliable and fast network and accumulated many satisfied clients. Leaseweb offers flexible hosting plans with excellent support and customer service to back them up

Leaseweb is a leader in the cloud and dedicated server industry with over 20 years of experience. We offer a secure, trusted and flexible platform to host your website or application.

Leaseweb is a worldwide leader in dedicated server and cloud hosting. We provide high quality services in addition to reliability, scalability and support. Leaseweb is a large scale hosting provider with over 8000 servers, 5 data centers and over 2000 employees.

Leaseweb is the number 1 premium hosting company in the Netherlands and one of the leading Infrastructure Providers worldwide with more than 700 employees. Since 1999 we actively build and maintain our global network based on state-of-the-art technology. We have a dozen of datacenters, strategically located in Amsterdam, New York City and Hong Kong as well as across Europe:

Leaseweb is a fast growing web hosting provider with datacenters in the Netherlands and USA. They are able to keep their servers running 24/7/365 with a 99% uptime guarantee. A customer can choose one of three server plans (Basic, Standard or Premium) that consist of SSD disks, redundant data connectivity, PHP 7 and cPanel / DirectAdmin control panels. In addition, Leaseweb offers their users an easy-to-use control panel that comes pre-installed on all server packages – unlike most other companies.

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