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Netafraz home page

Netafraz is an Iranian web hosting and domain registration provider. With our advanced equipment, we provide you with a security & efficient server “hardware”. Host your website on our servers located in the world’s most secure datacenters.

Netafraz is a professional web hosting company in Iran and the Middle East with high quality and professional services to provide businesses, startups and personal websites. We are dedicated to providing open source software solutions including Linux, cPanel and WordPress web hosting services.

Netafraz is a web hosting company, which has been established for more than 8 years. We provide services such as digital certificates and SSL certificates to our customers.

Netafraz is the top 1001 fastest growing web hosting company in Iran.We offer all hosting services including Shared, Reseller and VPSAs well as full-featured SSL certificate issuance with a 99% uptime guarantee

Netafraz web hosting is scalable from the different web hosting classes: shared, reseller and VPS. All our shared hosting services are fully managed by Netafraz Staff or Our Golden Partners.

Our professional web hosting service provides complete and secure hosting solutions. We assure you of the highest level of attention and support in facilitating your internet presence as effectively as possible. In addition to providing reliable servers, we also make sure that you receive the best value for money. Our prices are competitive, there are no hidden fees and our customer support representatives are always available to answer any questions you might have about our services or your account.

Netafraz is a cloud hosting company that provides a wide range of services such as web hosting in many countries and servers, reseller hosting, VPS Hosting and Cloud Infrastructure.

Netafraz is an IT company that has specialized in domain registration and web hosting since so many years, our technical expertise coupled with our domain registrations and hosting services ensures your website will be online in no time.

Looking for a new home for your website? netafraz offers web hosting services with fast, unlimited bandwidth and storage, highly reliable, and secure. All web hosting accounts are cloud-based, meaning nothing will be stored on our servers – your data is safe, backed up daily and kept in multiple locations.

Netafraz, as a Professional Web Hosting Company in Iran, we provide affordable and highly reliable web hosting services with maximum uptime and backed by our 24x7x365 Support.

Netafraz is a hosting provider based in Iran serving clients from all around the world. Our customers are varied and come from many different sectors but they all have one thing in common: they trust us because we offer reliable, transparent and competitively-priced hosting solutions.

Netafraz is one of the most static and reliable hosting company in Iran. It’s a leading brand in Web hosting with more than 7 years’ experience in creating servers, web design and software engineering. Our management team always invests in bringing the latest technologies and solutions to Iranian people and businesses


Mizbanfa home page

Mizbanfa is a leading provider of Web Hosting in Iran. We offer the best hosting services and support for all your websites.

Mizbanfa is a leading technology provider in Iran and the Middle East. We offer top-notch service on a wide range of services including hosting, domain registration and e-commerce solutions.

Mizbanfa provides assistance to all categories of websites, in areas such as support, hosting and domain registration that is suitable for all levels. We are offering professional hosting, web development, and site design services.

The Mizbanfa Hosted Solutions is a subsidiary of Tandis, one of the leading companies in the country. This business unit was established for various reasons including the need for a reliable web hosting company as well as increased demand for services such as domain registration, website design and maintenance and application development.

Mizbanfa is the leading web hosting provider in iran. since about 10 years, we have been providing reliable service for small companies, enterprises and individuals. our affordable monthly plans include Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains and Cheap Domain Prices Iran provides the best technology, services and products in this regard.

Mizbanfa is a web hosting Iran that offers different types of web hosting plans based on your needs. Mizbanfa is a professional web hosting Iran provider. We offers various types of services such as Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS hosting in affordable prices.

Mizbanfa offers complete solutions for all types of web hosting service requirements. We, as a company, have spent many years providing Iran with quality web hosting services at affordable prices.

Hosting Iran offer you to managed your hosting account with a easy to use control panel. Your PC or mobile needs not be on all the time to update your websites and manage emails, we will do it for you on real-time basis.

Mizbanfa provide you with a stable, reliable and affordable hosting, the benefits of which include features such as high availability and security. You get your own server, allowing you to install all applications.

Mizbanfa Web hosting at its best is what you receive with us. We have been serving clients for over a decade and never have had any complaint. All that we provide besides the individualized attention, is world class web hosting services

Pars Pack

Pars Pack home page

Pars Pack offers you with a fast and reliable web hosting Iran. Pars Pack is a professional web hosting Iran, offers a wide range of hosting solutions that comply with international standards.

Pars Pack is a Web Hosting Company located in Iran. We provide quality Web Hosting services including Windows, Linux and Unx OS with fully managed support.

Pars Pack are specialized in providing web hosting services. Our main goals are to build a higher level data center, which is able to provide the best possible service to our customers.

The goal of Pars Pack is to provide the best user experience with our hosting services while maintaining the integrity, security, and reliability of your website.

The best possible way to make your website at an affordable price! ParsPack is one of the leading web hosting companies in Iran. We use cutting-edge servers and latest technologies, along with a reliable network infrastructure. All of this makes us a leader in providing high-quality service and support for our customers, who come from all over the world.

Pars Pack is a reliable and technologically advanced hosting provider in Iran, offering fast and secure hosting services to individuals and companies alike. Featuring unlimited bandwidth as well as a 99% uptime guarantee, Pars Pack also provides high-end hosting plans at an affordable price.

Pars Pack is a national initiative providing Iranian customers with digital services such as domain registration, web hosting and cloud infrastructure. It provides all the digital services needed to start up and run an online business, for a monthly fee starting at about $4 per month.

Pars Pack hosting is the most popular and trusted Iranian web hosting company. We provide affordable shared hosting plans and high quality dedicated servers from around the world. We are proud to offer both enterprise-grade service and support, along with industry best practices for security and performance.

Pars Pack Hosting is the leading web hosting provider in Iran. Our Offers: – Unlimited bandwidth – Free domain name (your-domain.tld) until the termination of the contract – Free SSL certificate – Unlimited disk space – Fast server and network. Iran’s best and most trusted web hosting provider. Our primary goal is to provide the best service to our customers

Pars Pack is the Iran’s most popular hosting provider. We provide professional services for all kinds of website such as blogs, forums and e-commerce sites using our USA, Canada and Netherlands data centers. We are providing high quality support 24/7 with no charge.

Mihan Web Host

Mihan Web Host home page

Mihan Web Host is a professional web hosting company in Iran. We are providing Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Server.

Are you looking for best Web Hosting Iran? If so then here has all you need in its hosting services, we are one of the top web hosting companies in Iran that provides premium quality hosting services at cheap price.

Mihan Web Host is a leading Iranian hosting provider founded by people who were in the hosting business for over 7 years. MihanWebHost has several solutions for your web site, All of our web packages are catered to each customer’s needs.

Web hosting Iran, Mihan Web Host is a leading new-generation hosting company in Iran. We offer cheap and reliable web hosting to build your business and make it grow in the world. Our shared hosting is designed for small and medium-size businesses looking to set up a website that offers e-commerce, online forums, community portals, business websites with multiple pages and much more.

Mihan Web Host is a technology based in Iran, providing high-quality and reliable web hosting services to all our customers. We have been active with high availability and free support. Our goal is to meet all customer needs in the best possible, affordable prices through our excellent service and commitment. Our company believes that each customer is an important person for us, so we do not promise anything to them but also feel happy every time they experience that our services are real.

Mihan Web Host Web hosting services in Iran with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We provide high quality hosting services with domain registration, email and 24/7 technical support.

Mihan Web Host is a web hosting company based in Iran, providing high quality hosting services to companies and individuals in the world.

Mihan Web Host is a your gateway to the internet. We offer web hosting services with 24/7 support and provide you with a variety of easy-to-use tools that help you administer your websites easily. Our strong focus on security, stability, and guaranteed 99.9% uptime make Mihan Web Host the leading provider for web hosting services in Iran

Mihan Web Host provide premium hosting services for your websites and applications. At Mihan Web Host, we pay attention to every detail of our network and servers so that you can focus on your business.

Mihan Web Host is a dedicated server hosting provider located in Los Angeles, California, US. They offer many options including VPS and Dedicated servers ranging from a pen drive to 4U rackmount servers.

Mihan Web Host (MWH) is a top web hosting company in Iran with high-quality services and security. We are specialized in offering Windows and Linux shared hosting packages with 99.999% uptime, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% server uptime guarantee, automatic daily offsite backups and professional email accounts for unlimited domains hosting under one affordable budget plan. We guarantee that all of our servers will have less than 2 seconds latency to Europe (Amsterdam – NL), United States (Seattle – WA) and Asia Pacific countries!


Asiatech home page

Asiatech specializes in providing hosting services and domain registration services in Iran. Asiatech provides cloud-based operating system and web hosting in Iran. Asiatech also provides cloud computing services and delivers software as a service (SaaS) to its customers. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Iran.

Asiatech is one of the leading web hosting companies in Iran and provides web hosting services for major clients across the globe. Asiatech is a privately owned company with more than 20 years of experience providing high quality hosting services to its customers.

Asiatech offers affordable web hosting in Iran. We have everything from shared to fully dedicated hosting solutions. All our clients are provided with 24/7 customer support and management control panel so that they can manage their sites anytime, anywhere.

Asiatech is a leading enterprise-class cloud hosting provider based in the United Arab Emirates. We offer you a wide range of high-quality cloud services, including VPS hosting, managed dedicated servers and custom server solutions. We deliver our services through our highly secure data centers located in the UAE and Sweden, as well as through colocation arrangements with multiple leading international datacenters

Asiatech Web is the leading hosting provider in Iran. We have a complete range of products, which provide solutions for small business, E-Commerce and enterprise level. You can find different types of hosting packages in our offer starting from $5/mo to $250/mo. Asiatech Web offers high quality hardware for all kinds of hosting services including unmanaged dedicated servers (several clouds), virtual private servers(several clouds), shared web hosting (several clouds), reseller hosting etc., All our hosting plans are backed up with premium level technical support 24x7x365 at an affordable price with 100% guaranteed response time

Asiatech know it is important to stay in touch with customers and so have created an international website, providing technical services to small and medium businesses. Through the use of advanced technology, they provide excellent service at affordable prices.

Asiatech web hosting is designed for businesses, small and large – with a professional web site, email service and everything you need to get online with your customers.

Asiatech is one of the leading providers of business intelligence software, data warehousing and analytics in Iran. Our customers include banks, telecommunication companies, energy companies and insurance companies.

Asiatech is the one of the leading hosting provider in Iran. We offer a range of hosting plans, including Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and more. Asiatech is built to handle workloads at a scale, so we can provide you with quality service with any budget or size.

Asiatech is a professional web hosting Iran, Web hosting Tehran and Web server hosting of Tehran’s premier Web Hosting provider. The company was founded in 2000 and since then has grown to be the dominant force in its field in Iran

Asiatech provides one of the most competitive website hosting services and products in Iran under its own brand name. Our core business and expertise is in providing virtual web hosting environments and hosting solutions. We are also a great choice for both dedicated server hosting, domain name registration and SSL certificates


7HO home page

7HO, getting you closer to the hosting service you need. 7HO is a professional web hosting Iran supplier, who provides you top quality web hosting solution and flexible hosting plans, various types of website are available with our unlimited domain support. 7HO have an amazing quality web hosting companies in Iran and provides the best web hosting solutions for your business needs no matter if it is a local or global internet presence.

7HO Internet is the leading hosting company in Iran. Our professional and top-of-the-line hosting services include Linux hosting, Windows hosting, Email hosting, and Domain name registration service. We are located in Iran and our main server farm is located in Los Angeles, US.

7HO offer web hosting packages for Iranian businesses and individuals. Hosting Iran is one of the best options to host your websites. The whole hosting is done with the latest technology and any type of website can be hosted.

7HO Cheap web hosting on the best servers in Iran. 1Gb/s network, SSD drives and global data centers 7HO is a web hosting solution specially designed for technical heavy website such as business and corporate.

A business without an online presence is a business that’s not competitive. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been keeping your head above water for years, 7HO offers a range of hosting packages designed to make it easy for you to set up your site, manage the content and keep your business running smoothly.

7HO web hosting Iran is a popular and reliable web hosting that gives you the ability to operate a personal or corporate website for free.

7HO offers the fastest and most secure web hosting in Iran. Our servers are located in the United States, with a 99% uptime guarantee. With our Managed WordPress Hosting plans and expert support team, you can be sure your website will be up and running 24/7

Host your website with us and enjoy the convenience of hosting with our dedicated support team, 24 hours a day. We provide world-class customer service to our clients and make sure that they are always satisfied with our services.

Hosting Iran is the premium, reliable and fastest Web Hosting Service Provider in Iran. We offer a collection of hosting solutions to suit your needs from shared, reseller and business web hosting plans to dedicated servers and VPS servers. All our services are managed by experts with years of experience.

Tala Host

Tala Host home page

Tala Host: Professional Web Hosting Service. We are located in Iran, Tala Host provides high quality hosting services with fast operating system and reliable support to our customers, who come from all around the world.

Tala Host provides the best web hosting services in Iran. With its high technological infrastructure, experienced staff and 24/7 online support service, TalaHost is the premier choice for companies using leading-edge technology

Tala Host is a web hosting company based in Tehran, the capital of Iran. We have been providing hosting services since 2005, with a reputation for offering excellent customer support and value for money.

Tala Host is a web hosting company operating in Iran. It serves both Iranian and non-Iranian users. Our services provide a secure, reliable and fast Internet access anywhere in the world. We believe that top quality products and services can be offered by only putting customer satisfaction first as our top priority

Tala Host is a professional and trusted web hosting company in Iran. We provide high quality shared and dedicated web hosting services with lots of features and excellent support. Your website will be safe, reliable and also cost-effective as we offer competitive prices in Iran. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about our services.

Tala Host’s hosting packages start from as low as $8 per month in a Dedicated Server with 1GB RAM, 150GB HDD and 1000Mb/s Bandwidth. Tala Host is a web hosting Iran and Tala Host is a professional hosting company that hosts your website or server in their world class data center.

Tala Host is an Iranian Web Hosting Company specialized in Offshore Web Hosting solutions. We offer Linux/Windows Shared hosting packages and Reseller Hosting options. Tala Host is an Iranian hosting company, we want to provide you the best service and the fastest speed! We offer VPS, Dedicated Server and Reseller Hosting services.

Tala Host provides a wide range of top-notch web hosting services, including VPS Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Colocation, Dedicated Servers and Domain Registration. Our products are backed by simple and reliable infrastructures, 24/7 live support teams and easy payments channels.

Tala Host are one of the best web hosting services in Iran. TalaHost offering domain registration, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. All customers have access to our 24/7 support team who are always on standby to assist them with any problems they may encounter at any time or day in Persian or English.

Tala Host is an easy to use hosting software for small and large companies. It provides a reliable control panel that enables even novice users to manage their hosting account, such as creating website, FTP accounts and email addresses. This powerful script allows you to add full-featured shopping carts, email marketing tools and many other powerful features.

Server Pars

Server Pars home page

Server Pars is a professional and reliable web host. The company’s main goal is to provide its customers with outstanding services. Our hosting plans are designed to suit all business types, from small to large companies.

Server Pars is the top web hosting company in Iran. We offer complete cloud hosting solutions such as VPS, dedicated server and reseller account with high speed internet connection and most reliable support team.

Server Pars provides the best, secure and reliable web hosting services in Iran and offers users with a wide range of hosting solutions. We provide shared, reseller and dedicated hosting plans.

Server Pars is a web hosting company located in Iran, which provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. The network is reliable and fast. We offer excellent customer service, 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee. We provide hosting services that fit every need and budget. You can choose from our plans.

Hosting a website over internet is a very important thing to do. It provides your potential customers an opportunity to know about you and what you have to offer. Our hosting services are quite unique from others. We make sure that your site loads very fast in order to keep the visitors engaged.

ServerPars is one of the best Iran web hosting companies in Iran. Server Pars offers reliable and affordable web hosting Iran. Our company provides general and custom shared, reseller or dedicated hosting services to personal, professional and public customers as well. ServerPars has been active in the industry since 2009, offering leading products and services on the market.

Server Pars is a leading reseller of managed virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, web hosting and SSL certificates based in Iran. We offer high quality products and services at affordable prices. We have many happy customers around the world.

Server Pars has been providing managed hosting services since 2009. Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible hosting experience, at a reasonable price, with professional support. We know that choosing a host can be a difficult decision and we strive to make that process as easy as possible. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are here to help you with any questions you may have.

Server Pars is the best, and only, fully customized web hosting solution for Iran. Best known for having the most experienced support in the industry with experts that speak fluently Persian, Server Pars offers customers a unique blend of local knowledge and international expertise. Our comprehensive bilingual control panel is specially designed to help make managing your website easier than ever before.

Server Pars is the most trusted, reliable and affordable web hosting provider. Our services include Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Servers in Iran. We offer 24/7 technical support for all of our customers no matter where they are based.

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