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Technology is proven to be boon in the contemporary world, most of the IT organizations are relying on the technology for its business operations. With the emergence of the concept of virtualization of IT computing resources, a new technology comes into play namely cloud computing. It’s really difficult for the organizations to manage IT infrastructure as they need to spend huge amount of money for implementation, maintenance and deployment process.  

Cloud computing is an emerging technology, through which IT-based organizations can run their business in forwarding direction. In cloud computing, users are not concerned with the costs that are incurred in maintenance and deployment phase. 

With the help of Dreamhost company number of IT-based organizations can able to succeed and sustain in the market.  They are providing number of services such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, website builder, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. 

Overview of Dreamhost 

Dreamhost is the business leading IT Company, which provides quality, reliable, flexible and secure computing services to their intended audience. The company is founded in the year of 1996, by well-known personalities namely Dallas  Bethune, Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, and Josh Jones, etc. They are providing number of services such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, website builder, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.  

Mission statement

The main mission of the Dreamhost Company is to achieve the competitive edge in the market by providing world-class cloud computing services to intended audience. In other words, they want to accomplish the IT infrastructure needs of the IT organization so that number of organization can perform their operational work with the use of affordable IT resources. 

List of services provided by the Dreamhost are- 

  • Shared hosting 
  • Website builder
  • Dedicated hosting 
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting 
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting 

Description of services with respective packages offered 

Shared hosting

It is well known that the websites of the users reside on the same servers along with several other websites. In shared hosting, the features and operational efficiency of the servers are segmented and shared by different users in an isolated form.  In other words, customer websites share some space on the same physical servers, it is also known as budget hosting. 

Shared hosting plans of Dreamhost 

WordPress hosting

They are providing most optimal WordPress platform through which users can build their own websites.  In other words, they are also providing website building tools. In addition to this, they are providing shared hosting for WordPress, WordPress hosting management, VPS hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce Hosting and WordPress tutorials, etc. 

Dedicated hosting 

In case of dedicated hosting, it involves allocation of a specific web server which has been used by one customer only, for one or several of that customer’s websites. The company providing dedicated hosting packages such as- 

Cloud hosting 

In general, cloud hosting is defined as procurement of IT computing resources from a cloud which is hosting by Cloud vendor. The CSP’s host number of cloud computing services depends on the type of clouds such as Public, private, community and hybrid they are providing to the users for their operations. In addition to this, CSP’s provide services to their intended audiences as per their demands. They are providing services on the basis of cloud services models such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS( Software as a Service). 

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting 

In practice, VPS is a server which is isolated in number of segments and each segment performing as specific servers and allotted to the dedicated users. Normally, when we talk about VPS’s this services are costly as compared to the dedicated server, but the main benefit selecting such kind of servers is it has added with flexibility and functionality than other shared hosting plans. the VPS hosting packages of Dreamhost company are- 

Advantages and disadvantages of Dreamhost company services 


  • They are providing IT computing resources at lower, reasonable and affordable cost 
  • The organizations can improve the performance of their business operations 
  • With the use of Dreamhost’s web- hosting services number of organisation can reduce software costs 
  • They are providing instant software updates so that organisation can perform their operation without any kind of problems. 
  • They are providing unlimited storage capacity with 100% security for the storage of sensitive and non- sensitive data. 
  • The organizations can remotely access their services from anywhere and at any time.


  • In order to access the services users much require constant and seamless internet connection
  • The stored data is transparent for the cloud service providers
  • There is a great loss to the users if company goes out of services 
  • The services will not be accessed by the users during low-speed connection 

Valid reasons why we select Dreamhost servers

Independently owned

The Dreamhost is independently owned company, as this company is driven by single person. Thus, the privacy of the data will remain secure.  They are providing value-added services to their customers. 


Users can store data their sensitive and non-sensitive data by using Dreamhost web hosting services as the services they are providing are deployed with high security standard. 

24/7 support

The services provided by the company are accessible and available 24/7 hours. Users can assess the services from anywhere and at any time regardless of their geographic location.  


Dreamhost is one of the most popular companies which provides number of services such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, website builder, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.  I have selected Dreamhost as cloud service providers because they are providing number of features such as independently owned, security and 24/7 hour support.

They are offering number of packages with variable budget ranging. Additionally, they are providing updated software and IT infrastructure for business operations.  It’s my own personal experience that organizations can improve their business performance in the world’s competitive market.