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Why we require Hosting? 

In general, hosting is defined as outsourcing IT computing resources in which an individual can reduce and manage the cost for short term and long term basis. In other words, the hosting provider or cloud vendor is the third party, who is taking the financial risk for users, by providing large scale of capital expenditures. In addition, the main responsibilities of cloud vendor during the time of hosting is- they take fanatical related risks, Invest lot on latest technology sport, install platform for compatibility, generate bill as per the legal payments policy (Pay-per- usage), consider the hosting needs of the people etc. 

Why Rackspace? 

According to the latest survey policy, it has been culminated that Rackspace is the most safer and logical decision for hosting.  Due to quality-rating services, they are regarded as world’s leader in hosting. Some of the prime and positive key factors in Rackspace hosting is- They are providing hosting services which support latest technological functionalities, investing a lot in order to develop more flexible solutions, they set standard customer uptime and SLA (Service Level Agreement), they are providing competitive and value-focused pricing etc. The most important and key factor of Rackspace is- the Entire business model of the Rackspace is designed in such a way that support customers with one-of-the-kind Fanatical support accessibility and availability i.e. 24x7x365. 

Why it has been considered that Rackspace customers are in the right space at right time??? 

  • Flexible SLA (Service Level Agreement) – The customers and IT based organizations can access the IT computing resources from Rackspace by signing the SLA which is one of the agreement held between customer and cloud services providers. In fact, by accessing the Rackspace cloud, customers can sustain in the market by leveraging their Rackspace relationship. 
  • They offered various latest technological services which support latest technology such as IoT and Artificial intelligence- Rackspace provides numerous services for emerging technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence, as they provide hosting services on dedicated infrastructure through which the performance of the IoT enabled devices could be increased. Additionally, the cloud services provided by Rackspace is embedded with Block chain technology which ultimately improve the security control function of the newly designed and implemented Information system. 
  • Design and navigational feature-   The design and navigational feature of the Rackspace are up to the mark, and they have designed responsive website for the customers which ultimately impart proper understanding among the users. Even, the designed website of Rackspace is designed with the help of Box modeling and is provided with proper white spacing. The users can search services, provided solutions, compatibility and interoperability among platforms, infrastructural resources etc.  


It has been justified that Rackspace is one of the best cloud vendors, as they provide number of key benefits to clients by mapping the requirements of the customer. In the above section of the article we have disused number of key benefits of Rackspace. Thus, it has been concluded that Rackspace provide secure, compatible, accessible and interoperable platform to customers. 


It has been concluded that Rackspace cloud platform is one of the most optimal platform that are providing services to people for their business and own sake. In this article, the main purpose and definition of hosting has been properly mentioned. In addition to this, some of the positive key features of Rackspace hosting has been also discussed and reported in the Article. Furthermore, proper justification regarding Rackspace services are also discussed in the article.

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